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  1. Don't Leaf now . Tonight's Open Mic Concert with Steel Beans is about to begin 🎞 Kenny
  2. The Led Zep tribute album is very recent . The album was released on February 25, 2022 debuting at No. 1 in the Netherlands. Beth has been singing and doing live shows for some of the best guitar players on The Planet Earth . U tube has a number of videos of her performing live with Jeff Beck , Joe B, Eric Gales , Slash , ..... Her own music is pretty good too. I like her emotional intensity .... One thing is for sure , she knows how to swing a mean baseball bat ðŸĪŠ Kenny
  3. The dog won't have to sue me at all . If he is home by himself for too long he will get bored and chew up my favorite guitar and every other piece of musical gear I own ... Bitflipper knows exactly what I'm talking about 😉 Sorry Bapu I wish I could contribute as per the topic ... Kenny
  4. ðŸĪĢ I feel your Pain Wibbles What I wanted : What I got : Kenny
  5. Your welcome Dave ! I had to look around to get that info and I'm glad we know who played keys on the album. Yeah me too sometimes .When I look at the credits in a Hollywood movie the names go on and on and on. With music videos who knows whats really going on . Could it be the producer is an absolute cheapskate ? Maybe he don't want to have to round them all up , pay them and have to feed them on the video shoot . nice talking w you 🙂 Yeah that is almost as bad as watching an iconic band on the Ed Sullivan show play their hit tune's s while none of their guitars and instruments are even plugged in . Maybe she learned that little trick off this guy 😊 Kenny
  6. Beth and Joe I'd Rather Go Blind - Live in Amsterdam. This performance put a lump in my throat for about two hours . If you tried to call me during that time I'm sorry your call was sent to my voice mail . Kenny
  7. Yes that is Tim Pierce on guitar . Here's a list of who played on her Led Zeppelin tribute album. https://themusicuniverse.com/beth-hart-announces-led-zeppelin-tribute-album/ A fully working invisible man costume ? ðŸĪĢ all the best , Kenny
  8. That cost extra right ? Bottom line here is I dig the way Beth sings ! what a voice ! she looks and moves pretty nice too . Kenny
  9. Every time I see a Waylon Jennings Telecaster I start wishing I could find a bottle to rub with a Genie in it to grant me 3 wishes . Alright Kenny I'm working on it What are your other two wishes ? Kenny
  10. She hocked a loogie after singing the first line of the song .... ...My kind of girl Kenny
  11. Oh MY Dog ! It took my my pulse 2 hours to come back to normal after watching this video 😍 Kenny
  12. I like to hide in the hospital Morgue and wait until the patient visiting hours are over . Once all the patients are in bed and fall asleep I sneak into their rooms to eat all the Jello they were stockpiling and saving for a midnight snack . Trick or Treat Day is nothing my man . I AM a full time Halloween all year round . Kenny
  13. Not only do I love ***** I love to eat Jello ! Lots of Jello ! Kenny
  14. Woah !What ever that sandwich is , it's a real Pecker Wrecker ! Yeah that could be me in a couple years if I'm not careful . Kenny
  15. Nice photo's ! Tsuki looks like he knows how to do Magic Tricks using guitar picks . Kenny
  16. He has a big race at Aseop's Farm this week end against the hare . Since turtles don't have Peloton bikes to train on , he is doing the best he can with what he's got . As they say, slow and steady always wins the race! Kenny
  17. You sure got that one right . Will somebody please come over here and help get me down . Kenny
  18. OK it's time we do a run block and send the Turtles in to sneak under and past the hurdles ! Sounds Like a good plan to me ! I sure hope it works because I'm too young to Die . Kenny
  19. You should have let it go when I said Huh ? to your opening post . Then we would have been cool 😉 Since that is above and beyond your limited cognitive abilities . May I suggest you close your eyes , take a deep breath , and Kiss My Kenny
  20. Some people just don't listen ! If I have told them once I have told them twice to always park the freshly washed car two feet closer to my tree ... Kenny
  21. He don't call , he don't write , he won't send me any flowers. If only Smitten's will only call me back . Oh ! my aching heart . Dear Abby , What shall I do ? Don't worry Pixel ! all you need to do is yada yada yada yada yada yada and if that don't work Fuhgeddaboudit ! Then give Wibbles a call . He looks Game 😋 Kenny
  22. That Smittens is real nice looking cat 🙂 Now all you need is a new Coffee Cup . Kitty Butt-hole Jewelry may be a welcome addition for those special moments when your head is resting on a pillow and he starts backing up 😝 Kenny
  23. You like to play games don't you ? Why not start a thread with a completely hidden ambiguous message not even mentioned in any way shape or form in the opening post and then expect people to rumble around and try to read your twisted mind with the hopes of trying to figure out the context of WTF you are talking about ... Yeah Right Carry on. Kenny
  24. Before they became a valued member of The Legendary Coffee House Cats ! Each Kitty had to get a perfect test score on a test that was designed to reveal the applicants ability to disregard and not follow simple commands and rules . Please note the correct answers have been provided here for educational purposes . Kenny
  25. I hate to break it to you my friend . Aside from the fact that I certainly know who the wrecking crew are , in all honesty I couldn't give two $h1ts about the Partridge Family . I didn't care for them when they were popular and for some odd reason I still feel the same way today . I suppose it is because at the time I was getting into Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton , Mountain , Johnny Winter, The Who , Led Zeppelin , Carlos Santana , Roy Buchanan , Wes Montgomery , Grant Green , George Benson , Black Sabbath, Deep Purple , Jethro Tull , sigh ....to name a few of the Musicians and bands I enjoyed listening too. 😉 You are entitled to your opinion even though I don't share it ....I suspect your Idea of Great Music and my Idea of Great Music may be miles apart . Say ! you might benefit from brushing up on The Scientific Facts surrounding how human beings process reality on a neurological level 😉 On a physiological level the neurological systems in your body do not differentiate between reality or non reality . What you think and what you feel is real on a neurological level to those systems of your body . Meditation , Visualization ,Prayer and positive reinforcement are some of the ways we can try to grab the bull by the horns and try to make this work in our favor . Yet in fact most of all of this ( the deep stuff ) is under subconscious control. You do have access to little more than a sliver of control on a conscious level of mind . Let me give you an example ... We all know that Superman can't fly , see through lead walls, leap tall buildings with a single bound and stop bullets ... Yet through the power of our conscious mind we can choose to suspend our belief of the facts and choose to just go along with the ride / intended out come of the stimuli we have willingly decided to participate and interact with 🧐 No I do not think so . In those days I was much more into Raquel Welch , Farrah Fawcett ...and in a pinch Maureen McCormick... Oh Marsha! Marsha! Marsha! 😜 Kenny
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