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  1. I'm Glad you got what you needed , +1 Thank Goodness for credit! Kenny
  2. OK sure , overall that may be the answer to this issue in a nutshell . The thing is that approach may contribute to leaving a very large hole in the DAW / Music production information pipeline . It's like if farmers only focused and talked about boutique crops that were cutting edge . We would all would starve to death ...except for Strummy I heard he was pretty good with a bow and arrow ðŸĪĢ Kenny
  3. Happy Birthday Bapu ! The World needs more people like you to show us all how to stay young at heart . Kenny
  4. I wish I could rock my whole name . I can't beause my birth certificate has me listed down as, Kengy T .J. Octavious Pablo Enrique Charles Wilson Tele Jazz III . Telejazz for short on popular music forums can sure come in handy sometimes .ðŸĪŠ
  5. I'm just barking out loud what some of you around may be thinking silently ....😎 Kenny the devil dog telejazz .
  6. Hhmmm....Quite a bit of Sax Appeal happening in that promo pic....🎷 Mr Notes Norton your a lucky dog . Kenny
  7. How true , It's a great program and yes I hope they can suceed .All that aside ...they still need to get it together ...or they will turn out just like me Kenny
  8. They must have updated the program again . My Reaper update installed itself as 6.75 Kenny
  9. Oh Yeah ! Please! Please !! Please !!! tell me that photo of Catwoman is available as a scratch and sniff .... Uncle Kenny needs a distraction to help take his mind off thinking about this years upcomming Valentines Day... There has been some slim pickens over here with this piticular holliday and it has been that way for a while .... I wouldn't mind one bit if the Ghost of Valentines Day past paid me a vist and showed me a few of the more memorable Valentines Days I used to have . Kenny
  10. I had gotten to a point where I could only get as far is I could on my own . So Yes ! I agree with you there . I happen to like Traction / Waveform a lot . This program is very deep . Kenny
  11. Our cat Duchess has ran away from home . We hope she's OK Yeah ! I'm OK now please stop calling Duchess Kenny
  12. Sign in . Go to your account settings . Under the Overview setting (on your left ) you will see a setting for Display Name. Hit Display Name and it will bring up the settings you need for you to make the changes you want to make . Kenny
  13. That article was an interesting read . I learn something new every day . Kenny
  14. A number of the DAW's I like and want to get better at don't seem to get updated for new software version videos over at Groove 3 .. Tracktion , Samplitude , BIAB , Acid Pro , have some OK videos for those DAW's yet they are for older versions of the programs and software. Kenny
  15. I wear mine high up when I play standing . Currently I'm doing 99% of my home practice / playing sitting . The last thing I want to do is trip over a 98 pound Pit Bull mix while I'm getting my groove on ... Milo likes to block my path at home with the hopes of getting pet or dare I mention treats ...😉 ðŸĪĢ Now thats what I call a real nice spot to take a poop at when one finds oneself out in nature roughing it . Kenny
  16. I had to take a good hard look at where I was heading DAW wise after Gibson dropped SONAR . Panic had set in and I feared I may never ever find a suitable DAW I liked half as much as I had liked SONAR . I started buying up everything I could find too fill the ever approaching emptyness I was now starting to feel in my creative musical heart. I was at my wits end ...Where do I start ? ...... Then I came up with a foolproof plan . If CC Larry , Bapu or Kitekrazy recomended it I went for it. When Kitekrazy disliked it , couldn't stand the deal , or hated it .....I bought 2 .....😆 By chance I came upon a Music Radar Best DAW list ...The Top 20 ...It turns out that I had 14 of the top 20 DAW's in the article ....both PC & Mac... For the record I was OK with the idea that I had become a Jack of all DAW's and a master of none . I had paid for them .I knew I would sort this dillema out eventualy. But deep down in my gut , something was gnawing away at the very core of my insides .... It took me a few months to realize it. I had spent all my money on musical equipment and I had left no money in my budget for the simple pleasures of life .... It was apparent to me that I had to come find peace with my guilt Yet I would still come here and while here I felt like a total fraud and hypocrite ... I had loved coming here and talking about Guitars , Music Production , Becan and scantly clad bikini clad women yet the simple sad truth of the matter was I hadn't had a strip of Becan in over 2 years . My DAW jones had taken away my ability to afford Becan ...While trying to hide my shame I would go out and buy a Dollar Store bag of Pork Rinds and tell my self I was doing the best I can ... Who was I fooling ? myself surley ... Having hit a bottom with a trap door , I put the brakes on all my DAW spending ..... Now I use the former DAW money to buy only the things that enhance and nurture my soul . The smell of fresh cooked Becan can certainly get my creative juices flowing . Can I get and Amen 😇 Oh Yeah ! Life is Good ! I'm back ðŸĪ— Kenny
  17. Have Yourself A Very Merry Mistletoe Free Christmas Kenny
  18. Hey Granny with the gun ..She don't want me.... How's about you ? Will you do The Goo Goo Muck with me ? 😉 Kenny
  19. How delightful and disturbing all at the same time . Sorry Goat , my dance card is currently full Kenny
  20. Poor Clarice ...She didn't get eaten ..She got licked .... And she loved every minute of it 😛 Kenny
  21. Oh Wow ! tough break Kid ....If Bubba shows up, what ever you do , don't drop the soap !! ðŸĪĢ Kenny
  22. I happen to like this humble combination of Logic 9 and Snow Leopard . It is as reliable a combination as you have mentioned and I always enjoy myself when ever I take a break from Windows and use my 15 year old Mac . Kenny
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