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  1. Man you sure got some chops on that mandolin ...Dug your banjo playing and your voice too. I have to say I love your musical sense of humor . Your version of Spider-man was a Super Fun listen . all the best, Kenny
  2. kennywtelejazz


    Wow your song is a hidden gem that conveys a very deep and powerful message . It stands out very much like an Oasis for those of us that thirst for music that has and can help make a difference. I have often thought about much of your songs subject matter and I have the therapy bills to prove it ...lol.. I am very impressed with how you were able to put it all together as a song and capture your message and feelings all in one place . It just goes to prove songwriting is a true art form that can bridge and help bring a moments joy to a fractured world that needs healing . all the best , Kenny
  3. Hi Grem , Yes , the way I touch a note and or a phrase is super important too me . A good deal of my practice and playing time is spent exploring the subtle aspects of touch induced dynamics and the tonal articulations that have become available to me as a result of my time spent digging for touch induced tone gold ... When it comes time to play I choose to clear my head and just go on pure instinct ... Thank you for the song listen . Thank you Steve ! Hi antler, The tune itself just celebrated 20 years last month ...you may be ball park right about the some of the levels I printed in my mix . At the time those were the levels I felt conveyed the most maximum enjoyment to me as a listener of this version of the song ... As always I appreciate when people enjoy my guitar playing and it is not something I take for granted ... I am one of the few people you will ever meet on this forum that will ask the 64 thousand dollar question ... Why listen to me ? When there is at least a million other guitar players you can easily listen too .... IMHO , that is one of the only questions I feel is worth asking ....at least of myself ... thanks . Thank You Mr Wookiee ! all the best, Kenny
  4. Hey Craig , did you notice Bapu's face started getting real Pink from holding his breath while he held his Lava Lamp Muscle pose 😂 Kenny
  5. Very nice production you did here with your collab mate Daryl... I noticed right off the bat that as each new moment unfolded during the songs play , the intensity of the song and performances got stronger ... One could say the tune burns in a Slow Cooker sort of way . all the best, Kenny
  6. Freddy , Your Song sounds very authentic .. There used to be an iconic Blues Club in NYC called Dan Lynch's ...your song brought me back there man ... Great effort , Kenny
  7. This song is very nice . It has a subtle hypnotic quality to it ..Also , I absolutly like the genre ... Your video and song presentation conveys the fact rather clearly that you are multi talented . all the best, Kenny
  8. I enjoy listening to this type of piano music .. Your tune is certainly a scorcher.... Caliente baby ....Mas Caliente. I think you did a good job with the drums , the only problem I hear here is i think you used all the wrong types of drums ...insert a Homer Simpson smiley If you ever decide to redo the drums make sure you also throw a Tuba in there ... FWIW I hear a marching snare , a big ole bass drum , a wash board and a few of the other typical drum corps type of sounds . Hey let me ask you something OT ..are you the guy that posted the cool pic of the Donkey on your honeymoon ? all the best, Kenny
  9. Hi Cakewalk Guys and Girls , An A Minor walks into a Latin Rock Club to escape the scorching July heat only to lay down some heat of it's own . I hope you enjoy the guitar playing , Kenny
  10. If you truly want to understand what it is like to play an Alembic ! Buy the bass first then get yourself a pair of these your boys will thank you Kenny
  11. The thief had to steal the lute because he had no money in his wallet and his Lute was Baroque . Kenny
  12. Dave ! Is that you ? Where have you been ? Kenny
  13. If we don't hear you screaming before her blindfold comes off , then it is a safe to assume you were missed . Kenny
  14. Life is not all lovely thorns and singing vultures , you know . Kenny
  15. Hey Steve , It wasn't all the Dick pics that got to my poor old Grammy ...My Granny's got tough crepe paper skin . I know I'll never be half the man she is Speaking of my Granny , My poor ole Granny went out to Las Vegas hoping to see a live show . When she got there she asked a local resident for directions on where she could buy a six pack . Something must have gotten lost in translation because she never did find the liquor store . She wound up on the other side of town totally lost . To buy some time she ducked into a Club to rest her feet and to collect her thoughts . While she was sitting there all by her lonesome , she wound up seeing a local dance troupe called The Six Bap's ... She had a real good time , but she left the show stone cold broke once again because my Grandmother is a touchy feel'y type of gal . Apparently she dropped her whole bank roll .. Yes , her whole life savings tipping the Six Bap's one dollar at a time . Whew after telling that whopper I'm gonna get my coat , your coat and my Granny's coat ......LOL Kenny PS , Craig thanks for the tip ...I do not have photo shop . I use a thing called Crazy Talk ...all my pics can talk ....if I choose to post vids instead of pics .
  16. WHAT did he do ? Now you got me wondering what he did Kenny
  17. My grandmother knows exactly "who he is " . She's at Church praying for a slice of the 3.9 million dollars his Black Stratocaster fetched at Auction. Kenny
  18. I get the feeling that you like to do tunes in the kakku Epic Genre ... The soft sections were nice , well thought out melodies and those musical sections seemed somewhat uncluttered mix wise . When you started hitting the heavy dirt sounds , things got loose in the corners in a few areas ... A lot of low end in the mix ...too dense not enough crunch & punch . Needs more air and breathing room in some of those sections to bring them out . ( IMHO ) . Also I heard a few rather suspicious timing issues with some of the beats , arrangement and chord changes ... Overall I did like a lot of your tune . You asked for tips ...those I mentioned were a few things you can look into if this song is a work in progress that you plan on revising . all the best, Kenny
  19. Hi John, I had no idea how you were gonna convey the loss of your Ginger . When your songs melody came in it was dripping with deep emotion . I felt it right away .. The Flute was a good choice .. Overall I enjoyed many of the elements of your song . The style of Bass playing , the tunes harmonic chord changes , the piano and later on the string section ... Sorry about your loss , I have been there myself . Getting your feelings out with music is a gift ... I wonder, when the animals we love cross over to The Rainbow Bridge , can they still hear us pouring out our hearts to them through our music ? all the best, Kenny
  20. kennywtelejazz


    Hi Andy , I enjoyed listening to your song . I stopped looking at the video after a few mins and wound up imaging puppy's , kittens and all sorts of young animals ( wild and tame ) learning how to interact and play with each other. Your tune had an element of playful discovery going on as the melodies and the songs arrangement morphed through it's variations. all the best, Kenny
  21. Good One , Hey Steve , Did I ever mention to you that I have a dog named Duke ? Kenny
  22. Hi Andy , I gave your tune a fresh listen w the link you sent ...I remember that song collab between you and James . Yes , you guys sounded very good .. If and when you get anything you may want me to play on send me a private link . I will give it a listen . Then we can discuss it and take it from there ... Hi Amicus , I'm very happy you enjoyed my guitar playing and the mix ...it means a lot to me ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ In other news , I have been wanting to get back here to listen to songs on this forum . I hope to do that in the next few days . I'm having problems w 2 of my computers ...ones a Win 7 PC. The other one is an older iMac . OSX Lion . For some unexplained reason a few weeks ago I lost the ability to listen to music and u tube sound off the web on my desktop ( OSX Lion ) If I had the money , I would put both of these old computers out of their misery thank you all for your patience , Kenny
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