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  1. I watched the first video . Now I got a big lump in my throat and my eyes are all moist . Kenny
  2. Me ? I'm an imposter so don't throw me outta here .... I have had to adjust my diet to heart healthy low sodium foods since my heart is on the borderline of needing stents .. The closest I have come to becan was a bag of Chicharrones I held in my hands for a few moments at the local dollar store .. Sheesh this dietary restriction has reminded me of all the times I stood outside of closed music stores and exotic car dealers after hours dreaming of the day I can get the car and guitar or my dreams ...Now when I go to the supermarket I'm doing the same thing while having becan flash backs , Admittedly like it or not this has given me a good foundation for continuing my pathetic humble monastic existence ,,,, Oh well when all is said and done I can still play a mean A Minor Kenny
  3. Your group certainly looks pretty good there on that nice looking stage .... Glad you got invited back . Kenny
  4. The winner of this top cat stare down will not have to touch nor clean out the litter box for two whole weeks 😂 Kenny
  5. It may be a bad day for toilets but hey since it's Black Friday it's a great day to shop for new stretch jeans and belts ! Kenny
  6. The back up dancers are finally here! Now he can play his set ! Kenny
  7. Happy Thanksgiving everybody ! Kenny
  8. I have been sticking to my plan of practicing my guitar first away from my computer ... I learned this song years ago and I forgot how to play it 😆 I started working on this a few days ago ....This performance is Ruff but hey .... at least I'm trying my best to get back in the game Happy Thanksgiving all , Kenny
  9. That Turkey sure knows how to fake it until till you make it , Kenny
  10. My video was shot using my Android phone . I did have my computer on for the one audio track I recorded of my playing in real time plus editing the video . Thanks for the listen ,🙂 😁 Milo is super food motivated . He would walk across a tightrope at a sold out circus with out a safety net if he thought there was a treat at the other end of the tight rope . Uncle Kenny wants you ! 🫵 To play your guitars and make music 😁 Anyway the truth be told .....I can identify with the both of you gentlemen ..... I honestly don't have any real answers for myself or anyone else for that matter , But hey ! I still think whether I amount to anything or not " in the guitar world " I have always felt that playing the guitar is a gift from above . thanks all, Kenny
  11. Love me some Albert King 😀 Yes it can be a tough balancing act to keep playing fresh music and keeping the chops up . It used to be OK I'll play my guitar and music after I walk the dog , buy groceries , got to my doctors appointment , see whats on sale in the deals section of the forum , check the coffee house to find out what Bapu ! Strummy ! and Craig are up to .😆... Now my guitar playing comes first ..... I wont even take a poop until after I have played 😆 Yeah I know way too much information ... When I set aside a totally distraction free time to play I have been getting the feeling of being musically recharged when I focus on my connection to the music inside of me that wants to come forth 😊. all the best Kenny
  12. Thanks Rain ! Yeah playing that on my guitar was fun 😃 I eventually edited the original audio of G G L by cleaning up the arrangement with some ripple editing . I also cut some of the finger squeaks out in the places I could Here's the modified mix audio only . All the best , Kenny
  13. It has been about two weeks and I'm enjoying the results ....Here is today's guitar playing session while I'm having my morning cup of coffee . Here's When Sunny Gets Blue I just did this video a few moments ago on this Thanksgiving morning Pardon the fugly my Fabio days are long over .... 😁 I hope you enjoy my playing . Kenny
  14. I want it in writing that you will pay the band with those bills after we have played our first set and there will be no M & M's with W's in our backstage dressing room . Kenny
  15. To all the "possible future " Kenny Ex Girlfriends ! Out There ! People Enjoying Nice Interesting Serenades will no longer be able to charge the former rate of $ 20 dollars a foot . Our in house customer loyalty program has determined a price hike is in order to combat shrinkflation and a diminishing market presence and demand for our product. We look forward to serving you in the near future once we have determined a fair market price for our valued services . Kenny
  16. After seeing the price on" that cable" ! W T actual F??! sounds about right too me 😂 Kenny
  17. You may only need to watch the first section on just the Apple Cable itself to get the gist . For a reference point my Ibanez Midi Guitar when new in 87 cost hundreds more than a current 13 inch Mackbook Pro and it uses a 24 pin cable with cable ends one can not find or buy any more .... The cable connecting the guitar to the rack mount interface broke in 2005 . I wound up ordering a 25 pin cable designed for something else electronically .I had to map out the connections on both cable ends and commenced soldering one connection at a time over the course of 3 days ....all 48 of them IIRC I may of had to even wire each end up as the mirror image of the opposite connector ...Either way ....It works fine now ... Had I not done this mod my guitar would have been useless as a midi guitar & It probably would have been just fine as a canoe paddle ... Most of the time when I have seen this 24 pin midi guitar for sale , the seller does not have the cable..... I can get more for the cable itself 😉 How the heck Apple came up with that cable featured in the video .... I don't know ... They must have had Superman working over time with his X Ray vision and a Scientific Grade Microscope working that soldering gun .... So Respect for the Cable ....as far as the Apple company goes ...I don't have a dog in this fight ... Kenny
  18. Yep ! IMO .... The Bass playing on that song was worth the full amount of $ 130 .00 it cost me to buy that barrel of crab apples 🫠 I wonder who played it ? Kenny
  19. Roundabout has it all and it always satisfy s 😀 I also love hearing Siberian Khatru Kenny
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