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  1. I wear mine high up when I play standing . Currently I'm doing 99% of my home practice / playing sitting . The last thing I want to do is trip over a 98 pound Pit Bull mix while I'm getting my groove on ... Milo likes to block my path at home with the hopes of getting pet or dare I mention treats ...😉 🤣 Now thats what I call a real nice spot to take a poop at when one finds oneself out in nature roughing it . Kenny
  2. I had to take a good hard look at where I was heading DAW wise after Gibson dropped SONAR . Panic had set in and I feared I may never ever find a suitable DAW I liked half as much as I had liked SONAR . I started buying up everything I could find too fill the ever approaching emptyness I was now starting to feel in my creative musical heart. I was at my wits end ...Where do I start ? ...... Then I came up with a foolproof plan . If CC Larry , Bapu or Kitekrazy recomended it I went for it. When Kitekrazy disliked it , couldn't stand the deal , or hated it .....I bought 2 .....😆 By chance I came upon a Music Radar Best DAW list ...The Top 20 ...It turns out that I had 14 of the top 20 DAW's in the article ....both PC & Mac... For the record I was OK with the idea that I had become a Jack of all DAW's and a master of none . I had paid for them .I knew I would sort this dillema out eventualy. But deep down in my gut , something was gnawing away at the very core of my insides .... It took me a few months to realize it. I had spent all my money on musical equipment and I had left no money in my budget for the simple pleasures of life .... It was apparent to me that I had to come find peace with my guilt Yet I would still come here and while here I felt like a total fraud and hypocrite ... I had loved coming here and talking about Guitars , Music Production , Becan and scantly clad bikini clad women yet the simple sad truth of the matter was I hadn't had a strip of Becan in over 2 years . My DAW jones had taken away my ability to afford Becan ...While trying to hide my shame I would go out and buy a Dollar Store bag of Pork Rinds and tell my self I was doing the best I can ... Who was I fooling ? myself surley ... Having hit a bottom with a trap door , I put the brakes on all my DAW spending ..... Now I use the former DAW money to buy only the things that enhance and nurture my soul . The smell of fresh cooked Becan can certainly get my creative juices flowing . Can I get and Amen 😇 Oh Yeah ! Life is Good ! I'm back 🤗 Kenny
  3. Have Yourself A Very Merry Mistletoe Free Christmas Kenny
  4. Hey Granny with the gun ..She don't want me.... How's about you ? Will you do The Goo Goo Muck with me ? 😉 Kenny
  5. How delightful and disturbing all at the same time . Sorry Goat , my dance card is currently full Kenny
  6. Poor Clarice ...She didn't get eaten ..She got licked .... And she loved every minute of it 😛 Kenny
  7. Oh Wow ! tough break Kid ....If Bubba shows up, what ever you do , don't drop the soap !! 🤣 Kenny
  8. I happen to like this humble combination of Logic 9 and Snow Leopard . It is as reliable a combination as you have mentioned and I always enjoy myself when ever I take a break from Windows and use my 15 year old Mac . Kenny
  9. Merry Christmas Everybody !! I'm loving the musical gift you got me . Kenny
  10. Gee that sounds like a step up from where I was when I read your post . Long story short ...for the past week I have been using only my 2007 Mac Book ... It's locked in on Snow Leopard ...Any way after I read your post I had to shut it down and enlist a windows lap top because I was not able to sign in here while using the out dated Mac Book . .... 😆 Kenny
  11. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^That was good . ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Put me in a real good mood . thanks for sharing it Kenny
  12. The Big Red story http://www.alvinlee.com/bigredstory.html Kenny
  13. Wow she certainly has a long list of film score accomplishments .... Yes she sure knows her stuff . So young so cute 🤭 Kenny
  14. I used to love listening to Tom Jones when I was younger . The only thing I could not stand when I was watching Tom Jones on TV was once he started singing my mother would take off her under garments on the down low and throw them at the TV set . Kenny
  15. That was very nice 😃 When the choir kicked in I was entering a state of rapture .. The musicians must have been playing along with prerecorded music ..... I didn't see the choir ..... Kenny
  16. A prehistoric cave man was forced into slavery when he was only a little boy . He had no other choice but to live with a tribe of vegans and vegetarians until he reached adulthood and puberty 😉 One fateful evening he had a vision of what his life could possibly be like during a dream he was having .. Thus began his search to experience first hand A taste of The Holy Tail ! and his Freedom 🤤. For a Happy Thanksgiving Call 1.2.3 , Our phone lines are now open and ready to assist you. Kenny
  17. Paging Tom the turkey ! Please give me a call at 1.2.3. I've got plans for you and I would love to help keep you safe this Thanksgiving . XOXO Frenchie Kenny
  18. Hey Status Update ! The large group of people chasing me with freshly sharpened cleavers were actually part of the hit reality T V series .. Extreme Animal Makeovers . They thought I would be a good candidate for a makeover ... Since the shows producers were bound by law not to harm any animals during the shows filming , I felt totally safe acting scenes and accepting a leading role in the upcoming new episode called .... Extreme Animal Makeovers . How To Survive Thanksgiving ! Even if Your a Turkey ! I would like to thank the shows producers and my wonderful make up artist Alice .. Alice is a real wiz when it comes to combining water colors and constructing paper mache peacock prosthetics. The procedure is cost effective and totally reversible. Now my only real concern is I don't get wet or caught out side in the rain from now until Black Friday . If I do get wet , most if not all of Alice's beautiful makeup work will melt and disappear ...Then I may get an invitation to a Thanksgiving Dinner as my former self ....Let's just say I have my feathers crossed that I will stay totally dry. Having said all of that How do I look now ? Kenny
  19. Hello " 1.2.3. " I would like to report an emergency !!! There are a bunch of people chasing after me with freshly sharpened cleavers . Kenny
  20. Something must have stuck in his Quest for higher learning . He even learned how to say Grace before his meals . Kenny
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