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  1. having similar problems, i wanted to output separate audio for studio drummer but it all goes wrong. it would not be so bad if you could find the correct output and rename it in cakewalk but they marry the two together , I thought at first it was just mono but it seems to be after a set number of outputs it all goes pear shaped. Any help gratefull on what is going on here.
  2. when the midi is lost saying no keeps the settings but the midi will no longer work until you close down the cakewalk and restart the app. We need a way to rescan the midi and reinitialize it so it can work again without an app restart, its been like this for years, it's one of the things that put people of using the product, better to fix problems like this than add new features, even if it means a manual reinitialse on the preferences midi menu, it must be possible as it knows when they are lost.
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