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  1. Hi, Longtime user of Cakewalk..... I think the prochannel could really use a large VU Meter plugin. The console emulation has some smaller ones but it would be nice to have a dedicated large as possible VU meter to the already great prochannel. Regards Craig
  2. Hi Group, Is it possible thru a key press or section technique to resize waveforms of multi selected tracks.... simultaneously ? Also how do you reset all waveform sizes to the default scale "The scale size that will snap lock into place when resizing just one track" Please see pics. Regards Craig
  3. Thanks so much for the suggestion. I purchased this tonight and so far it's working very well. Regards
  4. CSW


    Very Creative! So many elements coming together.
  5. Super dynamic playing. The guitar sounds and the delay on the guitar put it in a perfect spot in the mix. Premium performance and mix.
  6. CSW

    September Nights

    Haunting guitar sound. This composition keeps you interested and leads you. Nice work. How did you process the main guitar here? Craig
  7. I've finally figured out what memory this triggered in my brain...... Remember that early 70's French full length animation called "Fantastic Planet" That's it.....but in hi fi . It's Really something. Craig
  8. Freddy, I recently went down a youtube rabbit hole and watched several documentaries on the Allman Brothers and also Lynyrd Skynyrd. My God there was enough talent between them to fill the musical universe. It's a stark but wonderful reminder to let you know where you stand in the pecking order of musical talent....that's for sure.
  9. Hi Tom.... I took most all of the reverb off of the harp as a test and it does make it more refined. Cleans the mix up a little. I was concerned about the tonal artifacts because I had to change the pitch of the harp runs to get them to match the song so I tried to hide them in some reverb.... you busted me. Good ears! As I listen back to my early mixes I cringe at my overuse of reverb. I can be a serious clarity killer of a mix. Two elements I've found will neutralize this by alleviating the need to hide something in reverb...... A good performance and good source sound and those are the hardest things to come by! Craig
  10. Appreciate it Wookie! Aren't the Adams a high quality set of studio monitors? I sure as heck lucked out then.... I mixed this with ATH M50x headphones and a set of cheapy tiny Presonus desktop monitors. I have some decent Yamahas but I ran out of space on the desk area. I need to pull those out of storage and reconnect them. I still feel like every mix is pretty much a stab in the dark but I think I'm stabbing in a smaller area these days. Regards Craig
  11. Thanks Freddy, I'm down here in West Palm Beach...... How I would love to move more north... but not too north!
  12. Good song. Good vocals. Nice lead guitar work. Regards Craig
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