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  1. Forgett Noctua, there is only one Option from Thermalright, that at least works, not Quiet but it works at least. I beleive its calssified at 320TDP.
  2. Here in EU they are available in small amounts. I just started, but at least in Cuendo it seams that the 3970X is not that much better, like +35% or so.
  3. Hi Jim! We are a DAW System Builder in Berlin. We are currently comparing AMD 3970X with Intel 10980XE on Cubendo and Pro Tools plattform. I am looking for external sources to verify my results and experience, especially on other DAWs. So far there are not that much to find worldwide. Have you been able to get hold of a 10980XE CPU to test and compare with AMD 3970X?
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