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  1. I think it's a bit different issue. I understand how the export location thing works. The problem is that it creates the "Audio Export" folder even when I'm not exporting the audio but only editing the MIDI tracks. It also creates the empty "Audio Export" folder at where it is mentioned in the location settings or the export dialog, even when I directly export to the project folder. Where it creates doesn't matter, auto creation matters. Am I making sense?
  2. Is there any way NOT to create the "Audio Export" folder automatically? I usually export the files directly under the project folder and don't want to delete the empty export folder every time. When I start the new project without the file name and save it later, it won't create the folder. But it will later at some point. If what I want is impossible for now, I would love to have an option to decide if I want or don't want to create the export folder in the further update.
  3. I had to reboot my PC finally, and seems like it's working fine now!! Thank you for your support.
  4. @Noel Borthwick I tried roll back to the previous windows version from Windows updates option. It failed and was led to initialize.
  5. @Noel Borthwick @msmcleodThanks for your feedback. yes, just Ctrl+single clicking causes a crash. I tried on an audio clip and it did too. It's not a specific project but in any projects. even the brand new project with only few midi notes without a plug-in. I can't reproduce the situation now because my PC has been initialized and been working fine so far. So I'm not sure about dragging MIDI from media browser, sorry. Not sure what happens when I update my Windows10 again. I'll have to reboot my pc soon or later though.
  6. @Kevin Perry @Keni @Noel Borthwick I tried to roll back to the last windows version and failed. I happen to initialize my wiondows and seems like it's running fine so far. I'm preventing from the latest windows update but it automatically updates when I have to reboot my PC by installing necessary apps so I'm scared now.
  7. I rolled back to 2020.04 and it happened again. so it's not the 2020.05 issue!? I'm guessing the latest windows update may be concerning. It also happens in a different audio interface too. so it's no the audio driver issue either.
  8. @Noel Borthwick The crash dump file was way over 4.88MB (592.3MB) so please download it from a link below. My Cakewalk is Version 2020.05 (Build 039, 64bit) My audio I/F is VS-100 https://wetransfer.com/downloads/e5cb6c7dbb9bad99882369ccd52b180520200702001450/956e070af156866a035a4a83a06a52fd20200702001524/99e4e2
  9. I found out a trigger more in detail. it's not drag&drop but just a single click with Ctrl key on any clip in the track view. It causes an audio engine crash too and I have to reboot the audio interface.
  10. It crashes when I drag & drop a MIDI clip to copy and paste. can't make any progress on my project because of this!!
  11. Another behavior change? When I split a clip, it automatically includes the last control change event with the same value, which is very annoying. No option to bring it back to the old behavior?
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