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  1. @Noel Borthwick The crash dump file was way over 4.88MB (592.3MB) so please download it from a link below. My Cakewalk is Version 2020.05 (Build 039, 64bit) My audio I/F is VS-100 https://wetransfer.com/downloads/e5cb6c7dbb9bad99882369ccd52b180520200702001450/956e070af156866a035a4a83a06a52fd20200702001524/99e4e2
  2. I found out a trigger more in detail. it's not drag&drop but just a single click with Ctrl key on any clip in the track view. It causes an audio engine crash too and I have to reboot the audio interface.
  3. It crashes when I drag & drop a MIDI clip to copy and paste. can't make any progress on my project because of this!!
  4. Another behavior change? When I split a clip, it automatically includes the last control change event with the same value, which is very annoying. No option to bring it back to the old behavior?
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