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  1. I Use Chris Hein Solo Strings. You can do almost every thing wit that library. See this link, This is a reproduction of a live performance by Naomi Binder with the samples made by Przemyslaw Kopczyk. Originality the are made in Cubase, but I do The same in Cakewalk!
  2. This tutorial was rely helpful. I tried it out as far as I succeeded in this score. Talisman.mp4
  3. Hi, This is a minor question. I like the start screen a lot and use it all the time. It should be very practical if there is a possibility to remove the thumnails I do not work on at a moment but we can not do that. I know the go away if I move or rename my Project Folder but I don't like to mess with my folders. https://screenrec.com/share/VMHnkDbhsO Just an idea. Thanks Frank
  4. Read this article. https://newatlas.com/bandlab-online-collaboration-daw-update/56776/
  5. the application continued to work, I was able to save everything and close Cakewalk, only the menu will not disappear. It just sticks to the screen, doesn't work any more and doesn't want to disappear. I can't let it happen on command. If it happens again I will check with the task manager to see if Cakewalk is really closed.
  6. Hi, I been using EA3 for a few days now and I do a lot of Midi work whit the articulation Map. For the second time now I have a Crash while inserting a articulation. The sub menu keeps hanging, even when I close Cakewalk it keeps standing on my Desk page. The only thing I can do to get it away is to reboot my PC. Frank
  7. I now also use the arrager track. It looks it will be supported in the future? Thanks
  8. Hi, It would be nice if there was a possibility to color the markers on the Time Ruler. Frank
  9. I tested the first EA extensively with expression maps and did not encounter any problems, everything worked fine. It would be good to replace the vertical lines of a CC recording with 1 line and dots in a next update, that makes the track less crowded.
  10. Latest Pre Release from Cakewalk has Expression Maps on board. I did a quick test and they work fine if You use per track one instance. If I have multiple tracks in one instance the articulations cannot distinguish between the different tracks. So for the time being one may only load one instance per track. It could also be that I am wrong! What is your experience? Frank
  11. Composer: Rolf Løvland, Arranged by Bob Cerulli. Sheet music by https://www.alfred.com Used String Samples by Chris Hein. https://www.chrishein.net Orchestration by myself. Used DAW: Cakewalk! https://www.bandlab.com/aboutjay/you-raise-me-up-straight-audio-mix-master-f6c06411?revId=b4dbce68-baca-ea11-8b03-501ac51fd70d
  12. Thanks for the info. Is there an expected release date?
  13. Thanks for the information. "Expression Maps" This will be a huge improvement for the midi workers. Is there a release date? Frank
  14. Hi there, I made this Symphony completely in Cakewalk. Symphony Composed by Enrique Lacárcel. I had the privilege of personally consulting with Enrique for this piece. He himself was inspired by the work of John Williams "Across The Stars" Samples used from Chris Hein. I really like this program, after using several other programs I keep coming back to Cakewalk. My thumbs up to the developers. However, I am missing one important part and that is "Expression Maps". Me and many others would be grateful for this. For now I draw in all the key switching notes. Hope you like it and thanks for listening. Frank DB Or here https://www.bandlab.com/aboutjay/unscripted-suite-ii-love-theme-82bd9758?revId=4710f038-c90b-eb11-96f5-501ac5b31de6
  15. Make your own expression maps in de media browser of Cakewalk. Draw a single note on, example, C0 for sustain (regarding your lyberies expression key's) Then drag that one note from your track view to the media browser and give it a name. So you can build your maps. Later in your project if you need a key switch drag the appropriate file to your track and place it on the correct position.
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