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  1. Hello, thanks for raising the bug to the team. I guess i'll stick with the option that you suggest until the bug get fixed. And thank you for you too, i didn't know Cakewalk have that kind of feature as well. This can be handy in certain cases. <3
  2. Based on my Q&A post regarding on how to setting up ProChannel routing as post by default. I would like to make a such a feature request to the developer for adding an option to make this possible to be changed through the config file or maybe in the Cakewalk preference. Because considering my workflow that oftenly use softsynth and using the FX rack as a pre-mix stage (sculpting sound) then utilizing ProChannel as final (finishing mix). Thank you
  3. Fair point for making the track template workaround. But, sadly i've tried to make the template and the post/pre-fx rack state doesn't get saved, so i have to turn it on manually. I think it wont be possible unless i have to make a request for such a feature. Thanks for the answer
  4. Hi, i'm on creating my own template to fit with my workflow on Bandlab. I find that i use ProChannel as a post fx-rack setup so much since i rely doing pre-mix session thing on fx rack with third party and finalize my mix with everything on ProChannel module. But, sadly everytime i have to create a track, the ProChannel module routing by default setting it up on Pre-FX Rack instead of Post. I've tried to change a "DefaultEqPosition" variable in Configuration File (AUD.ini) to "1", but it doesn't work. So, how do i set the ProChannel moudle routing by default into Post everytime i create a track? Please help, Thank you
  5. Has anyone from Cakewalk Staff already confirmed this? Might be not so urgent to fix, but visual bugs sometimes can make something small tricky stuff becoming furious.
  6. I dont know if this being reported already or not but, There is a bug indicator if you make a template with leaving ripple edit enabled when its saved, it wont be detected as enabled again if you load it as an empty project. Some recording video i post on gyazo for a proof of it. https://gyazo.com/166cfbfb6d6b4b2e8eedaa1042d282fa
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