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  1. When you copy something, click on Copy Special. You can then deselect markers from what is copied. Once you've done that, the setting will stay for the rest of the session (maybe for the project as well - I don't know). You won't need to open Copy Special each time you copy.
  2. He specifically said he tried ripple edit selection and ripple edit all.
  3. Or place the now time where you want it to end, Select All and Select thru now.
  4. https://blog.bandlab.com/bandlab-introduces-free-automated-mastering/
  5. Thank you so much for clarifying that for me.
  6. I'm not having any success when I try to unbind certain keyboard shortcuts. For example: if I highlight L in Preferences - Customization - Keyboard Shortcuts and click on Unbind, nothing changes. I get the same result if I also highlight the associated function in the function box, which I believe the manual says to do. Am I missing something? I would like to get rid of some of these bindings for keys that I sometimes hit by accident.
  7. The way it's done in Sound Forge is really helpful for precise editing. The arrow keys move the now time in tiny increments forward or backward. I haven't checked, but you can probably set the size of the increment. It seems to get smaller as you zoom in for more precision. What is also extremely helpful is being able to play a couple seconds up to the now time (ctrl + shift + K). This way you can keep advancing until you just start to hear the beginning of the spot that you want to edit. Then back off one increment and set your marker. It would be so nice if CbB could work this way.
  8. My experience with Sweetwater has also been positive. One of the advantages for me of Guitar Center is how easy they are on returns. When I recently needed an amp , I tried and returned two before I found the one I liked. No problem at all. I know that SW is also generous about returns, but shipping back two amps would have been a big hassle.
  9. Your last sentence explains where you're coming from. If your main concern is learning how something sounds, then of course a video would be more helpful. There are probably thousands of videos already out there that cover all aspects of mixing. I personally don't find them very useful for reference. For example, say I want to know how to set an automation node to specific level. I don't want to search for a video on automation, watch the whole thing hoping that at some point it answers my question. With text, I can just go to what I'm looking for. Fortunately, I still have the manual for Platinum. I also still make frequent use of Scott Garrigus's SONAR X3 Power. When you need a clear explanation of how to do something, his books can't be beat.
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