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  1. Thank, that's the bit I was missing, plus expanding this part of the screen from the default width. Still learning the nuances of this fantastic program. Thanks for your help! Alun
  2. OK, sorry I missed the link. That should fix that problem. Thanks, Alun
  3. Yes I think the problem is that my iRig Duo has MIDI I/O so it automatically selected that and I can't find hoe to override it. Thanks, Alun
  4. Hi Lynn, Thanks for your answer. That actually worked even though I created only one instrument track and the MIDI file contained 10 tracks it seemed to assign all of the tracks to the TTS-1 and assign instruments from the TTS-1 appropriately but then it seems that track 1 is some kind of master since if I solo track 10 it turns on the solo control for track 1. How do I get them to act independently? Can I assign one of the track now to a different VST? Thanks for your help! Alun
  5. Hi Guys, Apologies for what is obviously a very basic question but I'm having trouble with importing a MIDI file and actually hearing it on a virtual instrument. Just for reference I'm using an iRig Duo for my audio in/out I load a MIDI file and I can see that it's loaded correctly as I can see the note events in the MIDI track I've loaded but when I play it there's no sound, presumably because it's trying to use the MIDI port on the iRig Duo. I can see my VSTs including the ones that came with the iRig Pro and the TTS1 but I can't figure out how to connect each track with a VST and assign channels to each of the multiple MIDI channels. I managed to connect to the TTS1 at some point but then it played all the tracks on the drum channel and now I seem to be going around in circles. I've read all of the documents and YouTube videos on MIDI but they all seem to discuss recording MIDI and playing it back. I can't find anything on importing a MIDI file and getting the correct track assignments. I'm sure this has been covered before soemwhere somehow so if you could point me in the direction of the right article or video I'd be grateful. Thanks for your help! Alun
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