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  1. Yes, and thanx for posting your Cutya kit. I have Add Drums 2 and notice they don't have any mixer channels for the cymbals either. I guess I can just go onto the individual instrument "edit - detail page" and turn up/down the volume on each cymbal if I desire but it would sure be easier if they had a mixer channel for each cymbal. If they can have a channel for the sacred cowbell, they should provide them for cymbals as well. We need more cymbals (not cowbell)!😏
  2. No it's not that one! It's one that states something to the effect that your HD is struggling with input and output and the suggested remedies are to de-fragment your HD or change the buffer size on your I/O playback/recording. My HD is a new blazing fast Samsung 870 EVO M.2 SSD and I've read you should never de-fragment any SSD, and the I/O increases I tried did nothing. Actually, I'm getting the crashes again so I suspect it may be a plug-in doing the damage. I just created a very simple project with 1 audio and 1 midi track and no plug-ins and it works smoothly, like it should. Next I opened a recent project that was crashing a lot and giving me that error "5" and all of a sudden it is working smoothly again. I have no idea what's going on but at least it's working again. Maybe I need to run a simple project to get the gears working smoothly before I open up my more complex projects. I think I'm one of the few who uses a Universal Audio Apollo Twin Quad with a super-fast Thunderbolt 3 connection. I spent the money thinking I would never have any crashes again but somethings always cropping up to put a damper on the fun. Oh well, hopefully it keeps working and I thought getting rid of those WOV and TR2 files was the cure, and it was, for a little while....🥴
  3. After working smoothly for weeks, Sonar was crashing again, as usual, and I didn't know why but I kept getting error 5. One of the suggested remedies for error 5 is to increase both the Playback and Record cache buffer sizes, which I did, and which did nothing to fix the problem at all. Then I searched for the word "cache" in the forum and came across something I had never heard of after 20 years with CW, the "Picture Cache". Folks were saying this folder can cause all sorts of playback crashes and that the files in it did not even need to be saved as they are generated every-time you load a project. So I went into the Picture Cache folder, gulped and deleted over 30,000 TR2 and WOV files (which I had never heard of), and now CW runs smoother than ever. I also found out that dragging mp3's into the track view can cause problems and is something I do on a regular basis. I knew CW automatically converted the mp3's into wav files but wasn't aware this could make things run poorly. Oh well, it's worked for me so I guess maybe I'm just lucky in that regard. Anyway, for those who have mysterious crashes, try deleting all of your files in the Picture Cache which can be found at C:\Cakewalk Projects\Picture Cache. I wish there was a list of little known remedies one could run on a regular basis to keep things running smoothly. And thanx to the forum members who figure these things out.👍
  4. Hi, Does anybody know how to insert all of the drums in a SSD5.5 kit into the mixer view? The "Mixer" only seems to display a pre-set list of drums and there isn't any channel for any of the crash cymbals. However, there are channels for cowbell and tambourine but they aren't even part of my kit. Confusing. I've tried going to the SSD5 web-site but it doesn't seem to address this situation. Help!
  5. Thanx, I'll give it try when I get home.🤞 Back home and all 3 methods worked! Thanx again HIBI👍
  6. Does anybody know what that darkened adjustable section is in timeline with a little "S" that pops up above it? Is it important? Can I turn it off? I find it annoying and can only get rid of it by sliding it's left handle to the very beginning of my project and then also sliding the right handle all the way to the left and then it finally disappears. Sorry I couldn't get an image of the "S" in my screen capture picture.
  7. You may want to run a "CAL", if I assume correctly that is your goal. Here's a link on how to split up drums tracks into separate tracks. https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013155/Splitting-up-your-MIDI-drums
  8. It Works! Updated again to 2020.04 build 179 and this time it works for whatever mysterious reason so I'm thrilled. Thanx to all for figuring this out and thanx for showing how to roll-back versions.
  9. Found it and rolled it back and it loops perfectly again. So now I can reinstall 2020.04 build 179 and it should work this time?
  10. Thanx Noel, but how do I rollback, or manually force a reinstall? The Assistant says I'm up-to-date (2020.04 build 179) and doesn't show any way to reinstall what it thinks is a perfectly functioning program. Yours Truly, Frederick PS I tried the Roland Quad-Capture and it crashed as well.
  11. Mystery. Just updated my seldom used (for CW) Win10 laptop and it loops with no problems (0.04 build 179). The major difference is that I use the simple on-board sound-card provided by ASUS. My studio computer uses a Universal Audio Apollo Twin but I did test it without any plug-ins at all and it still crashed. I have a Roland Quad-Capture I can try as a stand-in for the Apollo to see what happens.....
  12. Just running lyrics from video files I make. Small projects with just a few audio, and at times, midi traxx. It's build 2020.04 (179?) that's giving crashing. All previous versions looped fine.
  13. New build has created a mess with looping songs with videos in them. The songs crash at the first attempt to loop. I tried changing the formats of the videos but it did it no matter if the videos were mp4, wmv, avi, etc. Tried lots of different songs and they all crash. If you delete the videos, they don't crash when looping but I need the videos for scrolling lyrics and guitar chords. As workaround, I'm back to the latest(?) Sonar Platinum version and it still loops when the videos are present. I have sent a few midi-dump files into CWBBL and they tell me they got the message but no response yet. Anybody else experiencing this?
  14. Izotope RX works very well and quickly. You can get the their basic version called "Elements" for about $120. It can fix clips, clicks, hums, and noise. I have the more advanced version (RX 7 Standard, about $400) and use it often.
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