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  1. In the Arranger track, is there a way to disconnect text boxes from the underlying tracks so that I can just slide them around as needed without moving the track contents? YES THERE IS!! Just highlight the box a few times until you don't see the underlying shadow extending down onto all of the tracks below. At this point, one is free to move the text box as needed by itself.
  2. Thanx, the Arrangement track seems to work although I can't do the typical copy and Paste (ctrl V). It lets me copy but "paste" is greyed out. But I can do "duplicate" which is good enough and I can color-code each chord which is very helpful.
  3. I should sing more of an "ahh" sound for both the "III" and "EEE" sounds. That should help a lot.
  4. I think there is a way to add text/chords etc. to the track heads, correct? How do you do it? I would like to place the chords there. Thanx, Frederick
  5. I've got lots of compressors/limiters but notice they don't do much to tame annoyingly loud/shrill, long "IIIII" and "EEEEEE" vocal sounds. Anybody have any ideas how to smoothly tame these sounds. I've tried reducing the gain but even that doesn't do much. Those sounds really leak through and dominate too much. Thanx, Frederick
  6. Waves CLA (Chris Lord-Alga) has several guitar/bass plug-ins that sound good, are cheap and very easy to use. Worth a trial.
  7. It's been working well for the last few months so I endorse it now. I have current versions of both Melodyne and Revoice Pro and that's a nice tandem. Also I love the new Waves Tune that finally has a scalable window and is the only vocal plug-in I know of that can create a nice sounding vibrato. If you have those 3 plug-ins, I think that's about all you need for vocal tweaking.
  8. UPDATE: It didn't go well and I safely deleted my CW files in the Cloud, but don't have anything good to say about OneDrive. I actually was in a chat with a chat person from MS who took me by the hand and helped me set it up but this chat expert didn't realize my smallish "C" drive would be utilized and filled with files during the upload and made my whole computer unstable, a total mess. All I wanted to do was copy and sync my "D" drive CW Projects folder on the cloud. My "D" drive is a separate 8 TB magnetic drive but for some reason, which I think is a default setting, the OneDrive software is designed to work with your "C" drive and it just filled up the 80 GB I had open (my "C" drive is a Samsung 500 GB M.2 style). After it totally filled up my "C" drive I kept getting error messages that I didn't have any storage space. Hunh? How could that be as I was preparing to buy 6 TB of storage? Anyway I was able to "unlink" my computer, then delete everything in the cloud without it also deleting everything on my "D", and maybe "C" drive. Then cancelled my 30 day free trial on the 28th day. Once I deleted everything, including the CW Project files and every link with the word "OneDrive lurking around my computer, my "C" drive got back about 100 GB of free-space (I think I had about 20 GB in my trash folder that I also deleted). Now my whole computer is working very well again and I'll continue to back-up my files with on-site external HD's. OneDrive seems geared to light users with small files on a one hard-drive computer, like students, etc.
  9. I use export to produce the end product MP3 song that I can put on my phone, send to friends or upload to Napster.😏
  10. Assuming you don't have any tempo changes, first highlight the track with the voice-over and hit delete. Then select All of the tracks by using your keyboard and hitting CTRL+A simultaneously, you should see all of the tracks highlighted, then using your mouse simply go to any of the tracks (they should all be lit up) and click on it and hold the left mouse button down, and drag all of the tracks to the left and when you get them all to the left, let go of the left button on the mouse and they will now all be at the beginning. Very simple. It sounds like maybe you don't know how to select tracks?
  11. Bill, first I created a folder on OneDrive called "Cakewalk Projects to be uploaded". Then I created another folder on my PC called "Cakewalk Projects to be uploaded". Next I copied all of my songs from the Cakewalk Projects folder to my new folder called "Cakewalk Projects to be uploaded" on my "D" drive on my PC. I uploaded my Project files from the new folder one letter at a time: for example, all songs that start with the letter "A", then all songs that start with the letter "B", and so on. I did this as I read if an upload goes bad, you have to restart from the beginning. I have so many big files I decided to do it one letter at a time as doing the entire project would take about 12 hours of flawless uploading which I didn't think would/could happen. Anyway, it went fairly quickly with FIOS, letter by letter, and I don't recall any of the letters crashing. After everything was uploaded I changed the name of the folder on OneDrive back to "Cakewalk Projects" which is the active folder on my "D" drive and hope the synchronization is happening but it's not as far as I can tell. I need to figure that out. The only thing that's working "in-sync" is my phone that sends my phone's pictures and videos immediately to OneDrive and annoyingly, it did this on it's own when I first got OneDrive (6TB) installed - I never asked OneDrive to involve my phone and I was going to delete the pictures/videos on OneDrive as I already have them on a Google Drive. But good thing I didn't, as I learned if you delete files from OneDrive it will also delete them from your device, in this case, my phone and they could be gone forever. That would not be good. I created the mirror Cakewalk folder with a slightly different name in case OneDrive started to delete my files from my PC which I've read could happen. Once I got everything uploaded and didn't see anything strange going on, I changed the name of the folder in OneDrive to "Cakewalk Projects" which is my active storage location on my "D" drive. Now I just sit and hope when I add, delete, or edit files in my Cakewalk Projects folder they are also updated in the Cloud and "in-sync" but it's just not happening even though I see that everything is supposedly "in-sync". I need to get into a chat with MS but that's not so easy, they hide their chat links and may want to charge you if you use their help. I was in one chat with them and they took over my PC because my old free version of OneDrive was showing up kinda as my new paid version (6 TB with 6 accounts). It was a confusing mess but now it seems to be working but I'm still trying to tweak the whole thing.
  12. LOL, if I threw away all my sucky trax, I wouldn't have anything to save! Maybe I should just give up music and try golf again.
  13. Discovered my old laptop is so old it's not capable of receiving 5G, so I moved the wifi adapter that is 5G capable, and that I had been using with my desktop computer into the USB 2 input on the old laptop, and immediately it discovered my 5G network and I saw dramatic increases in speed. I also have a 2.4 private, and a 2.4 guest account but I can't ever remember the passcode name of it for guests, lol. I think I'll change it to "guest", that should be easy to remember but I have hundreds? of people every weekend walking right by my front door playing Pokemen and I don't want them connecting to my house. Therefore, I'm not gonna change it but instead will try harder to remember it. One of those Pokemon folks is gonna get hit by a car some day🤨
  14. All done! It's a little after midnight but I'm very happy it went so fast and I even took a 2 hour break from hovering over the process ; 1 letter at a time, just in case any letter had garbage hiding in it and I had to start again, but just for that letter and not the entire alphabet. Started at 4:30 in the early morning and ended around midnight, so uploaded about 600 GB in about 18 hours that had been expected to take about 40 days. 40 days?😵 Unplugged the FIOS and ran a speed test on Xfinity and it was only 52 down and a solid 6 up, or was 5.8 up? Anyway the slowest FIOS speed offered, 200/200, actually was working most of the days at 300+/300+, a 40+ increase in upload speed, BRAVO! I may have to keep this and pay $80/month - speed is very addictive😁 UPDATE: Well the speed is halved or worse when I run the FIOS through my Netgear router which supposedly can stream at 1300 mbps. It's a NETGEAR Dual Band Gigabit AC1750 Smart WiFi Router (R6300v2). Anybody know how to make it go as fast as possible? I'm using the 5G option which I assume is the fastest but it's just not nearly as fast as hardwiring it directly to my computer which sits about 10 feet from the router. I'm using this Wifi Adapter connected to a USB 3 port: USB Wifi Adapter 600Mbps USB 2.0 Wifi Dongle 802.11 AC Wireless Network Adapter with Dual Band 2.4GHz/150Mbps+5Ghz/433Mbps 2DBI High Gain Antenna for Desktop Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10 Mac 10.7-10.15 It got pretty good ratings on Amazon although several folks said it was not really capable of 600 mbps. Well, I plugged another ethernet cable from the router into my desktop/CW Thunderbolt 3 computer (I built myself) and the download speed returned to +300 but the upload speed didn't, but it's much faster than the wireless as I'm getting about 150 up on a consistent basis. I'll give this a try for the home system where my family can hopefully see a positive benefit. UPDATE: Before I went to bed for my typical 2 hours, I did a wireless speedtest on an old HP laptop and it was slow around 100/55. Now I tried on the actual laptop I use, a much more advanced ASUS flipbook which is about 4 years old and got back to over 200 both down and up. I guess newer tech is just faster but I'm very happy with it. Now to test the wife's but she was happy with the old speed and wouldn't know what any of this speed stuff means, lol. OK back to bed for another 2 hours. Almost forgot, my Android phone (LG Stylus 5) was in the 300's down and I think over 200 up. Great improvement as it took 3 days to upload about 3500 pictures to the Cloud via Xfinity as I waited for the FIOS connection to be activated. I think I'll delete those pix and do it again with the FIOS connection, it should do it 40 times faster. Fun!
  15. Thanx for the feedback Glenn. I'm pretty sure I'm by my lonesome self, as I was probably the only person on my street to get it once it became available about 5 years ago. I don't recall asking my installer anything other than "this truly is gonna be way faster than Xfinity, right", and I think he said download are about the same but uploads are way faster, and he was right! I keep going between Xfinity and FIOS every year now to get that "intro" price but Xfinity was ready for me this year and offered to extend my $39.99 intro deal to 2 more years with the first year on a contract. And since it made our cell phones almost free, I resigned with them. PS - Up to letter "J" already, 584 songs done and only 676 songs to go. Looks like I can maybe finish this task by midnight.
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