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  1. You may want to run a "CAL", if I assume correctly that is your goal. Here's a link on how to split up drums tracks into separate tracks. https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013155/Splitting-up-your-MIDI-drums
  2. It Works! Updated again to 2020.04 build 179 and this time it works for whatever mysterious reason so I'm thrilled. Thanx to all for figuring this out and thanx for showing how to roll-back versions.
  3. Found it and rolled it back and it loops perfectly again. So now I can reinstall 2020.04 build 179 and it should work this time?
  4. Thanx Noel, but how do I rollback, or manually force a reinstall? The Assistant says I'm up-to-date (2020.04 build 179) and doesn't show any way to reinstall what it thinks is a perfectly functioning program. Yours Truly, Frederick PS I tried the Roland Quad-Capture and it crashed as well.
  5. Mystery. Just updated my seldom used (for CW) Win10 laptop and it loops with no problems (0.04 build 179). The major difference is that I use the simple on-board sound-card provided by ASUS. My studio computer uses a Universal Audio Apollo Twin but I did test it without any plug-ins at all and it still crashed. I have a Roland Quad-Capture I can try as a stand-in for the Apollo to see what happens.....
  6. Just running lyrics from video files I make. Small projects with just a few audio, and at times, midi traxx. It's build 2020.04 (179?) that's giving crashing. All previous versions looped fine.
  7. New build has created a mess with looping songs with videos in them. The songs crash at the first attempt to loop. I tried changing the formats of the videos but it did it no matter if the videos were mp4, wmv, avi, etc. Tried lots of different songs and they all crash. If you delete the videos, they don't crash when looping but I need the videos for scrolling lyrics and guitar chords. As workaround, I'm back to the latest(?) Sonar Platinum version and it still loops when the videos are present. I have sent a few midi-dump files into CWBBL and they tell me they got the message but no response yet. Anybody else experiencing this?
  8. Izotope RX works very well and quickly. You can get the their basic version called "Elements" for about $120. It can fix clips, clicks, hums, and noise. I have the more advanced version (RX 7 Standard, about $400) and use it often.
  9. Thanx for all the responses. I experimented and discovered FX/plugins are the real time consumers. When I tried turning off ALL the FX, it exported about 7 times faster. Too bad I like/need/love my FX.🙄
  10. Thanx Promidi, Good to hear my export times are "normal". I've been exporting to mp3 from the early days as the mp3 files are 10 times smaller than wave files and I never really noticed ANY discernible difference in quality between wave and mp3 files. Of course, I supposedly can't hear much above 10 kz anymore, if I ever could, according to results from an on-line hearing test I recently did where you download wav files and give them a listen.🤨 I tried the wav export and it was only about 5% faster. My Cakewalk program file is on the boot m.2 "C" drive but the audio files are on a slower old-school magnetic disk. I wonder if moving them to the m.2 would speed it up considerably. I'll have to try that.
  11. Hi, I'm curious as to how long it takes folks to export/encode a final song. My typical song is about 4 minutes long, and it takes at least 2 to 4 minutes to export it and I'm wondering if that's normal. I export typically 5-20 tracks thru 2-5 busses (vocals, music, reverb, delay, harmonizer) and make them mp3's at 44.1, bit depth 16, triangular dithering, using the lame encoder. Is that normal? I'm using an Apollo Quad MKii sound-card and just installed a new m.2 SSD hard drive with 16 GB RAM on a Thunderbolt 3 mother-board. I think I have a pretty fast machine but wish I could speed it up. Does anybody know of faster techniques?
  12. Just learned a few days ago you can simply highlight the part of the clip you want to apply an increase/decrease of gain. Just go to the where it says "Clips" next to your wave track and open it and choose "clip automation/gain" and you should see a red line going all the way across your wave. Then select the section you want to increase or decrease, then let the mouse hover a little towards the top of the track and it will change shape to a little horizontal bar with arrows both above and below it. Then simply hold the mouse down and move it up to increase volume or down to decrease volume. You'll notice it will create 2 little nodes and those can be moved to "slant" or ramp the increase/decrease to taste. When you've made all your edits, simply bounce the track to clips and they will be locked into a new more polished track and of course the original will still be available in the audio folder if you change your mind. I've used cakewalk for decades too, and just learned this trick that I had requested years ago. It's working great.
  13. Actually, I'm trying out Auto-Tune Pro (again) and want to record the pitch corrections as I sing in real-time. I know there was a way to do this but I don't recall the details, and yes you need a fast system to do this but I have an even faster system now and wanted to give it another try. As I recall, I could listen in real-time on the main track but used the echo "on" whilst recording an aux track, attached to the main track. It would record my voice with the Auto-tune stamped to the recording but it never sounded smooth and led me to invest in Universal Audio's Apollo stuff which can easily record FX onto tracks. UA has a version of AT but it doesn't have the graph mode or the throat option. PS A year ago I tried to demo ATPro but it wouldn't even load in Cakewalk as CbB couldn't find it in the plugs directory, so I gaave up back then. A few days ago I installed it with ease so I think both Cakewalk and Anteras have improved their integration of the 2 systems.
  14. Hi, I used to know how to do this. Record whatever sounds are being added to the track from the track's FX bin but can't find the answer on these forums. I recall you had to create a second auxiliary track or something like that. Anybody know the trick?
  15. I removed any and all compressors, etc that could affect the gain. I think it's a bug but who knows. I recently had all my AD2 drums just disappear overnight but I just got them back. Maybe I should do a reinstall even though I think I just installed the latest version of CbB a few days ago. Also, all of my lists of custom made plug-ins disappeared after the recent big Windows update that also wreaked havoc on my Classic Shell which makes Windows 10 look like WIndows 7. Hate that recent Windows update!
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