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  1. Thanx Scook. I was able to change the default setting to open up the Loop Construction View by double-clicking. Yet, I still have the problem of it shortening my loop by half. The only way I can get it to work is to double the number of beats to 16 (it had detected 8 beats) but then I have to "Save" the loop to my folder and then drag it back into the project where it finally works like a loop and I can drag it out for loop repetitions, etc. I recall being able to skip the " Save" to folder and then drag it back into the project part, in earlier versions. Is there a simpler way of getting the loop construction to work?
  2. My supposedly up to date Sonar (2019.07, build 79) no longer opens the groove clip construction window when I double click on it. Also, when I simply create a loop by using ctrl+L, the clip is shortened in half, but if I click "Stretch to Tempo" in the inspector window under the Groove Clip tab, my clip gets full length again but it's no longer a loop. Anybody having a similar problem or know how to fix this?
  3. I work with video often in Sonar and the type of video file is critical for smooth or slow playback. Try converting your video to a different format or 2 and see if it works smoother. Also, you may want to reduce the size of the video file while you are editing and then reinsert the bigger video (more pixels, higher quality) when you do your final output render. I use a very affordable and easy to use program called "Movavi Suite" and find converting to 'Video for PowerPoint' always makes the video play smoother in Sonar. Movavi offers a free trial and it goes for under $100 (I used a coupon and got mine for about $35 5 years ago or so). It also includes a decent video editor, a very nice screen capture program, and a slide show creator and other decent video programs. Give it a try!
  4. Maybe another program on your computer is causing problems. For instance, I recently installed the trial version of Vegas Pro 17 (a popular video editing program formally of SONY ownership). After installing it, Sonar by Bandlab crashed repeatedly so I uninstalled it and Sonar works very quickly and smoothly again. I may try Vegas Pro 17 again, after they work out lots of issues such as most of the new features they included don't work, lol! Typical new release.
  5. I think I got it right after experimenting with some changes in the Recording Mode (see pic below for the set-up that's working well). In the "Recording Mode" I set it to "Comping" which I had before, then "Auto-Punch" stayed the same for the time region I wanted, but in "Loop Recording" I selected 'Store Takes In A Single Track' and under "Lanes" I left both options "unchecked"; before I had selected both of them and it was creating a whole new track upon each loop instead of a "Take" of the 1st track. Now the editing seems to be working and I can get the separate clips to drag together into a new blank audio track I insert at the bottom of all the take lanes using CNTRL + SHIFT. I guess "Tracks" and "Takes Lanes" are different enough that they don't behave the same although they look very similar. Thanx for all the help!
  6. Here's the new tutorial video I'm referring to which doesn't work for me. It's the 5th video. Anybody getting it to work? EXAMPLE: Dragging clips from multiple lanes to blank space below all tracks in the Clips pane will automatically create a new track with the copied lanes
  7. OK, just watched that video from Sonar X3 and remember using it a few years back just like in the video but it certainly doesn't even look the same anymore. My mouse arrow never converts to that I-beam looking bar with several horizontal lines stacked next to it. Hmmm? Gotta find that newer video I guess?
  8. Unfortunately, bounce to track hasn't worked for me. It seems to choose only the highest track/clip and render it to the new track, all the other clips are flat-lining. Been using Cakewalk for decades. Maybe there's a bug? Gonna try and get thru the video above and see if I'm doing something wrong.
  9. "Cntrl + Shift" then drag, I tried that and now at least the timing stays in sync when I drag. Thanx. I guess that's what I'll do but I thought Cakewalk had figured out a way to simply highlight each clip you wanted and then enter a "command" of a few keystrokes that would put all the chosen clips into a new track perfectly in sync and then you just have to 'bounce to clips' to glue them together. Maybe in a future update?
  10. Thanx for the response but I like to keep my often huge screen of trax tidy. I see some demo's on this board on how to achieve my goal but they don't work for me.
  11. How can I combine the best takes into 1 track, then delete the other tracks I'm not using? I'm recording about 4 small length loop recordings of vocals, bar by bar, assigning them to their own track, and then I choose the best take of each bar. So I end up with lots of take lanes. Is there a quick and "in-sync" way of dragging my chosen clips simultaneously to one track and then deleting all of the other unused tracks to tidy things up? Right now when I choose individual clips and drag them to the bottom, I just end up with new tracks rather than all of them placed into one track.
  12. I think I tried getting those pre-programmed grooves out of my old Yamaha PS?? (which I still have somewhere collecting dust). Maybe I'll give it a try again and see if I can do better this time since I know way more about MIDI now than I did in the very early days.
  13. Scook can you detail the steps as to how you do the connection? Thanx, Frederick
  14. Thanx ZincT. Trying out Chordpulse right now and it's just about perfect and CHEAP ($29 US)! I'll look at the others too but this greatly removes writer's cramp as I tend to write/create way too many songs that sound alike. This gives me almost instant new ideas for grooves. Thanx Again, Frederick
  15. Hi, Long time Cakewalk user here and owner of BIAB from around 2010? I was wondering if there were similar types of song creation software like BIAB out there? Ideally something similar to my old Yamaha keyboard where you could pick a "style", play one note and it would give you full multi-instrument accompaniment along with beginnings, endings, bridges, etc. and I assume in MIDI format. But you couldn't extract the midi, it was locked into the brain and totally unavailable for tweaking in CW. I like BIAB, but at the time they offered little to no club dance styles, hip hop, or "urban" styles. Their styles seemed focused way too many bluegrass and country grooves. Not vey diverse at all. Maybe they added some more urban sounds but I'm hoping there is a MIDI program that can do it all as BIAB seemed focused on actual audio trax. Anybody tried BANDORA which seems like the reinvention of JAMMER (which I own and totally forgot about)? Thanx, Frederick
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