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  1. How do you set levels in audiotracks? I exported one finished song in NanoStudio 2 on my iPad and i exported all tracks to separate files, it is now 22 and i want to add vocals and additional sounds from my Kurzweil Forte, now is all audiotracks imported into Cakewalk and i positioned all tracks exactly as was in NanoStudio 2 and yesterday i did some postprocessing with eq and little compression to get more balanced sound, but Master level sometimes get to above zero dB, so i am lowering levels on each audiotrack. For example main drums are now at -12 dB, main bass is at -16 dB and other instruments like synth strings, leads, additional 808/909 drums are also at similar volume, but at the end it still goes Main mix to some +3 dB, i don't want to add to this Main mix limiter because i will add it at the end during some mastering, so i probably go with all tracks even lower.
  2. PC3 have a lot more programs/multis than Forte in basic installation of OS with objects, but there is a lot of space for user progs/multis. Now i enter manually bank number and then program number (one bank is 128 programs) so i can access and see directly on Forte which program is selected, it is not that hard to count it. Anyway thanks
  3. Hello Cakewalk crew, i just started to use Cakewalk by Bandlab with my Kurzweil Forte synth workstation but i cannot find instrument definition file (*.ins) for it, or there is another way to scan programs and multis from my Forte and to create it? I dont want to do it manually, because it is a lot of work (i have now over 2000 programs/multis now). Another thing is about midi, i tried my trusty m-audio midisport 4x4 midi interface and also direct Forte to USB cable, but first notes at timeline 0:0:0 have very quick fade out/in of volume, so i monitored midi in Forte and Cakewalk is sending always at the beginning some resetting messages, so it is normal behaviour? When i move whole song maybe one bar later it is not happening. Cheers, Martin Demsky
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