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  1. Dear all, Good day. is there any free VST to identify the pitch of a vocal/song/melody? thanks
  2. thanks everyone, i chose WASAPI shared and it works fine now.
  3. Dear All, Good day I just installed cakewalk on my new notebook, but there is no sound from cakewalk, which settings below was wrongly chosen?
  4. Lummy Keen

    Let It Go

    Dear All, Goodday. Below is my new song: All instruments tracks were produced in Cakewalk spotify
  5. Dear all, Good day. When exporting track as WAV I saw an option for us to tick "fast bounce". May I know what is fast bounce and is it necessary to tick it if I want to export tracks for mixing? Thank you
  6. Dear All, Goodday. I wonder if it is ok to export song for mixing with the synth freezed? or should it be unfreezed first? or it doesn't make a difference? Many thanks
  7. Thanks to all your reply. And it does sound a little different, and it is not a mono track. I have no FX in the track. I dont think i did change the synth value, because synth value could not be changed when a track is freezed. To ensure it sounds the same, can i try the workaround of recording sound before unfreeze into a new audio track? e.g. inserting a new audio track, and record the sound before unfreeze into this new audio track . But i have problem recording it...do i need to mute my Mic? Many thanks
  8. Dear All, Goodday. Referring to the screenshot, why the location of the midi automatically moves from 75 to 74 after i click unfreeze synth? Many thanks.
  9. Dear All, Good day. If my understanding is correct, the purpose of freezing synth is to convert it to audio, therefore without requiring PC to re calculate those MIDI. however, recently I notice it sounds different after I unfreeze eg. it sounds louder and the music is a bit different. Could there be anything wrong that I did? Thank you all.
  10. Dear all, Goodday. I use Cakewalk on a 10 years old Dell inspiron notebook, with windows7 64 bit. Does using an old notebook produce worse sound than a higher specs/newer notebook? eg better notebook will produce better sound quality? assuming all else equal. Thank you.
  11. Many thanks for your reply. How to "Open the take lanes to see both clips." ? (i am sorry, i am a newbie) If bouncing to clip does not bounce it to audio, does it mean i can still edit the notes in the piano roll view and also to change the setting in the VST to change the sound isn't? Many thanks!
  12. Thanks for your reply, But if I bounce to clip I could no longer work with the MIDI anymore isn't?
  13. Dear All, Goodday. When creating a MIDI track, somehow it was just split in between without me knowing it. The screenshot shows 2 rows of track and it is actually the same track and the 2nd row shows how it looks like when i click on the "A" part using "smart tool". How do i merge/link A and B ? Thank you
  14. Dear all, Goodday. I was watching youtube video and it recommended to set stereo and master fader level to 0db. My question : 1. i dont see a stereo fader in cakewalk, i only see a master fader in my cakewalk. Is it necessary to have a stereo bus? The youtube video recommended leaving enough headroom. My question: 2. Does it mean the master fader level shouldn't be set at exactly 0db, maybe should set at say -4dB to leave headroom? what is the recommended headroom and how to decide how much is headroom required? 3. To start the volume mixing, does it mean i first set the master fader level to 0dB (or let say -4dB for headroom?) first ? And then slowly bring up all other track fader in my mix to achieve the volume mix that i want? 4. In the mixing volume level pane, there are 3 colors, green, yellow and red. Does yellow mean bad? Must we maintain green for the entire track? Thank you all. Kind regards, Lum
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