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  1. Sorry for the delayed response Keni but yes, in answer to your question, for some reason I don't get email notifications. I did figure it out, I hadn't set the global audio folder for audio-finder so obviously it couldn't find anything. Steve
  2. I haven't used CWAF for a long time but thought I'd have a look and see what I don't need any more. According to CWAF, ALL of my audio files are missing. They are absolutely not missing and I can see them in explorer and they load fine when opening a project. Yes, it it properly configured to search the drive where my audio is located. Is it broken? Steve
  3. If you're on the forum you might have seen Drew inviting non beta testers to download the M1 beta version before it goes public.
  4. In principal I'm against the new authorisation system and people who paid for the software shouldn't have to be proving they're legitimate owners, periodically or not but generally the process has been very quick my experience. Most, but not all issues have been resolved now but basically inmusic unleashed a system that was no where near ready and barely functional, sadly it did a lot of damage to the reputation of BFD along with slow customer support but at east updates have been fairly quick. Steve
  5. Eco went 64 bit the same time BFD2 did. You can get the Zildjan packs to work with BFD3 but you'll have to PM DRew on the BFD forum and he'll give you a new serial and download. I still have Eco running alongside BFD2 and BFD3 on my desktop Steve
  6. At some point you may find that FXpansion (or ROLI) will turn off the licence manager log in but I think (?) if it works off line you should be okay but obviously there isn't any support from either now. You did well to wait as it has been a difficult year, the new DRM has been an issue for most but the end for users without internet access. Currently you have to reauthorise BFD3 every 90 days and there is a timer telling you how many days remaining so it shouldn't catch you out. Most people (especially original FXpansion crew) are totally against this new DRM and are fighting to have it completely removed. As a beta tester I think I'm allowed to say that BFD4 is aiming for release in Late 2023 or early 2024. Steve
  7. Unbelievable, I was going to do this earlier and windows said, there was no need to run a disk check as there were no reported errors so I didn't bother. This time I ran it regardless, took about 4 seconds and I got a message saying, 'your drive has been repaired' and now I can access everything on there. A thousand thankyous. 🙂 Steve
  8. Hi all In almost 20 years of computer usage I'm not sure I've ever come across this before but I really hope someone here has. I have a Crucial MX500GB SSD that is half full of audio data, it shows as being half full as indicated by the blue line. When I open it up in explorer I'm told the folder is empty. I only just realised when I opened a couple of projects and got a warning about missing data. This is really weird and really stressful. 😞 Have uploaded an image below. Steve
  9. Although like everyone else, I am opposed to the principle of having to prove ownership every 90 days of something I paid for, the actual process of re-licensing should be something that happens without our knowing. This is ow they would like it to work but as Drew had said on the forum, it was nowhere near ready to go public and even when/if all the bugs in the LM itself are fixed, issues with the server can still leave BFD3 owners up sht creek without their proverbial paddle. Steve
  10. I have Addictive Drums and EZdrummer 2 now as well as a the free SSD but just don't have SD2 or SD3 which are the nearest things to BFD3. I get what you're saying and for the most part I agree. I'm PC user so M1 support isn't an issue for me and I'm not clued up enough about the gains of VST3 to know how badly I need it but VST2 works. I really hope inbrands live up to Drew's expectations and the reason there's been so little development in with \BFD3 and its expansion packs was completely down to ROLI just happy to let BFD3 rot. Had there been the right backing and a larger devs team we'd probably all be moaning about BFD4 by now. Like I said, "Most of us aren't keen on the new licensing structure". and that includes me but it shouldn't be random. The reauthorisation period is currently at 90 days and I hope I'm not breaking any NDA in saying this but the new LM has a 90 day countdown timer on it so if you're off-line you will know how long you have before you need to reauthorise. The communication I agree is often very bad or at least it seems to be pot luck. Anyone on the forum would think Drew single-handedly does everything by himself. He certainly deserves a good holiday. Steve
  11. It very almost is rock solid now and the most common issue has been with the licence manager. There is an update being tested as I speak that should hopefully fix. The other issue has been with their server and not the licence manager itself. It was never ready for release but I think most of the issues a drawing to a close. Most of us aren't keen on the new licensing structure, currently the LM will need to log in to your account to reauthorise the software and libraries every 90 days. For people who prefer to keep their DAWs off-line that's been a major headache. I'm against the whole thing on principle but since my DAW is on-line it should be fine when it works properly and it will run the LM in the background. Steve
  12. Thanks for your help. I went with the clean install of windows 11 and so far so good. I think an issue I may have discovered with the new bandlab taking over a minute to launch might be to do with setting it to run as administrator. This is something I did a long time ago when you needed to be the administrator to register Sonar producer. I noticed it was taking a long time to launch just like it was before, turned off the, 'run this program as administrator' in the properties box and it launched immediately. Possibly a bug but needs more investigation and as there's no need to be launcing it as admin anymore I'll leave that to someone else. 🙃 Steve
  13. Should, but strangely doesn't Noel. I wish I could figure out what the issue was. I don't think the 2 things are related but it was very noticeable that after upgrading to windows 11 bother Sonar Producer 8.5 and Bandlab took up to 2 minutes to appear whereas previously it had been instant. I'm not at all convinced that reinstalling windows from fresh will even fix the issue and it's a solid 2 days work to get everything installed and configured to where it is now. Bit of a Hobson's choice right now. Steve
  14. I googled the error message and found some instructions to uninstall ALL of my Microsoft Visual C++ versions. So I did that and it still didn't work. Then I discovered that nether cakewalk or my Producer 8.5 would launch WTF!!? So I went to use windows restore and now my computer has gone into Automatic Repair mode but it's not working some I'm pretty screwed and not happy right now. Just created a USB repair disk so hopefully that will fix whatever damage has been done but I'm dreading the thought that it might require a complete reinstall. Not a good day. Steve
  15. Hi I've been having issues since upgrading to windows 11 and they just got worse with the latest update and now cakewalk won't launch at all. When I did the windows 11 upgrade I noticed that it took about one minute or more to launch, this is compared to it taking about 2 seconds prior to upgrading. I still have Sonar Producer 8.5 and it's been the same with that too. Now I find that the latest update has various error messages during install and once installed it just doesn't launch. It doesn't show up in the task manager so absolutely nothing is happening. I've attached an image of the first error message, it's looking for something that I may or may now have. Steve Steve
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