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  1. Only just saw this reply, unfortunately BFD3 requires ASIO to run. Steve
  2. It's for my laptop so having to carry a seperate audio interface with leads and power supply kind of kills the portability of a laptop. You say bluetooth is too slow for real time audio but if I'm just using it for mixing and not actually live recording it should be fine surely? If I can listen to music and watch videos on my laptop via my bluetooth headphones using windows 10' and realtek drivers, it seems logical that asio4all should be able to do the same. Maybe there's a better alternative out there than asio4all but either way I need asio for BFD3 and other VSTi's. Steve
  3. So, I recently bought a laptop that's good enough to mix music and handle BFD3 and all my other VSTi's and effects. In an attempt to iliminate some noise I was getting through my wired headphones I bought some bluetooth headphones which did the job perfectly. Has anyone managed to use bluetooth headphones to mix in sonar or anya other DAW, and asio4all? I've had lots of issues with crashes and have had to reinstall my realtek drivers several times now so am probably going to give up. I did discover that the noise I was getting through my wired headphones was actually from the wi/fi booster plugs so buying the bluetooth heaadphones was unecessary. But to iliminate the noise I either have to turn off my wi/fi or run my laptop off the battery but I'd much refer to use my new heqadphones as they're much better then my cheap wired ones. Cheers in advance Steve
  4. Not sure if this post is allowed here but I know a few people will interested to know that they can upgrade to BFD3 from either BFD2 or BFD Eco for $75 It's also available for $170, previously $341 Positive news on the BFD3 forum too regarding the development of BFD4. Steve
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