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  1. I get what you are saying but if it was an inadvertent mouse wheel spin of some volume parameter or other unintentional adjustment then it wouldn't get resolved by bypassing FX and then gradually turning them on again would it ? I'm going to see if I can deliberately replicate the issue in a project file and send the before and after versions to support. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I think your initial comment about FX has taken me one step closer to figuring out what's going on.
  2. Interesting, it happened again the other day and I remembered this, so I hit the Bypass all effects button ( which switches off all effects, plugins and pro channels ) and the volumes came back to normal. I then gradually turned all the pro channels and effects on each channel strip back on and no problems. it seems to happen when these are active on the buss strips. I'm working a project at the moment and have been careful not to turn any pro channels or effects on the buss strips and haven't had any issues while editing audio, so until / if this is ever fixed I'll just have to make sure I do all my takes and editing before working with the busses. If anyone has any further clues as to why this should be happening I'd appreciate it.
  3. Thanks for the responses guys, much appreciated. Tonemangler - it is actually very much like Dom Solo mode has been engaged from a volume drop point of view. It's not always just the midi drums that are affected either. William - thanks, I'll check that setting in Preferences and see if it makes a difference Reginald - I guess that's my last resort to contact support I'll report back shortly. If it happens again I'll do a short before and after clip so you can hear what is happening.
  4. This is still happening - only when I have a loop set up and zoomed in to edit take lanes, it's driving me nuts.
  5. No one else having this issue ?- it happens every time I set up a loop and zoom in to audition and edit take lanes...all fine initially but theb after a few passes I suddenly realise that the midi drums have lost punch and volume...even though I've not touched them. This never used to happen, started the update before last and still doing it on the latest version. Having used Cakewalk for years this is becoming a deal breaker for me as it makes comping and take lanes unusable because once it happens I can't save the file as the issue with midi becomes embedded, so I have to close and lose my work.
  6. Any ideas anyone ......this is still happening on the latest version of Cakewalk. I was editing guitar takelanes within a set loop and suddenly realised that the midi drums had gone very quiet. I don't know what is causing this as I havent touched any of the midi settings or levels. I can't get the drums back to how they should be without closing the file unsaved and starting all over again, incredibly frustrating as I lose all the work I have done
  7. Does anyone else have this issue ? When setting up a loop on a section of a track so that individual takes can be soloed and edited, it becomes apparent after a while that the overall track playback level drops by 3-4db for no apparent reason. As well as the volume drop their appears to be a loss of clarity in the overall sound. It's really frustrating as the only way to recover the track is to close it and reopen, if it is saved first then the calrity / volume issue is preserved. This has happened on a number of occassions and in one instance when I did a save before closing I had to go back to an earlier version of the track and redo all the work I had done on it. I used to use Auto Save and found it really useful but even that causes issues now, my friend and I have found that it can freeze the track and make mouse commands unresponsive, again resulting in a close down and lost work. For now auto save is turned off but it seems like there are some fairly major bugs in Cakewalk now.
  8. This has been happening to me and its a real pain in the neck. If I set up a section to loop and then zoom in to edit a take I get so far and then it won't stop playback without Ctrl + Alt + Delete......all the controls in Cakewalk are unrespopnsive. There's another issue too that I've noticed - If my loop is cycling so that I can review takes, if I hit the timeline during playback to make it go back a bit the whole sound of the song drops in level and sounds like a blanket over the speakers...again this is a C+A+D scenario and inevitable loses work. These are big issues, I've used Cakewalk for years but I'm seriously considering moving to something else when I start my next project.
  9. I have a project that is fairly well advanced and keep hitting an issue that I've not experienced before. Drums are fully programmed and functioning using Addictive Drums. Everything sounds great. I'm adding a piano track and I'm using Piano Roll to create the parts. Everything sounds great. Opened the project up again now, everything plays fine, decide to fine tune the notes in the piano part and while doing it I suddenly notice that the drums have gone very quiet and appear kind of muffled. Very frustrating and has happened a few times now. Don't seem able to resurrect the drums without reverting back to a previous working version and starting to make the changes again. I've now had to do changes in small "bites" and resave so that I don't lose too much before it happens again. Any thoughts / solutions would be appreciated.
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