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  1. well its the same problem that the computer keyboard wont be available for the plugin. By the way Reason is a VST3 could be the problem. Someone else maybe has another DAW that supports VST3 and also has Reason Rack Plugin and could test what happens there?
  2. I have the same problem with Reason Rack Plugin. Wanted to search an instrument within the plugin but as soon i press a button (in my case T) this button is catched by Cakewalk as hotkey. No chance to put in the search text in the field. the button Give all Keystrokes to Plugin wont work.
  3. Like mentioned above just drag and drop the keyboardpart onto the desktop. Then open it again with cakewalk and save as with the format you want (MIDI 0 i guess). Would be helpful to know which programm your buddy uses.
  4. by the way SF2 is nearly seamlessly working under Propellerhead Reasons NNXT-Sampler. Only a few things like Modwheel-effects and sometimes loudness have to be fixed.
  5. Still a big topic with SF2 not working for many people. Luckily the support gave me access to the original rgc:audio sfz+ pro because i own the Sonar X2 version. This plugin is very unstable and only works in pr32 and not sf32 mode but hey at least it loads up any SF2 with full control. So still searching for a USEFUL Plug to load up SF2 not SFZ with all its parameters inside. So hard to convert all old songs from Cakewalk to Reason because of stability is far better there.
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