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  1. There is a hot fix for the 2019/11 update. But why go back to Donar when you could just as easily go back to a previous version of CbB.
  2. I’m itinerant these days but I used to be a very frequent participant in the old Sonar forums and I am a seasoned Sonar user. I got miffed by a specific situation during the transition to CbB and never learned to get past it. Apart from a recent foray into the “upstairs”, I generally make the occasional contribution to the more humerus threads in the Coffee House. It’s pleasant enough here and no one goes out of their way to be nasty. Besides that when I was deathly ill earlier this year, I received a lot of great support and encouragement from everyone here. The best part without question. Group hug time. C’mon you know you want to. C’mon now. Get your group hugs here.
  3. Is your CAL stuff available somewhere?  Thanks.


    1. Michael Vogel ( MUDGEL)

      Michael Vogel ( MUDGEL)

      Here’s a (1week) time limited link to my OneDrive account where you can download the zip file and a number of other documents. 



  4. If anyone wants it, I have a large zip file with scores of cal scripts and just about all the info ever written on the subject.
  5. Espresso, chaps. Espresso no X espresso. Alright. I’ve checked the dictionary and it seems you’re allowed to use eXpresso because its being used often enough to become accepted. Hmm Let the debate begin.
  6. It’s been ages since I’ve spent any time upstairs, so thought I’d pay a visit. Seems just like the old forums, same questions except the versions are newer. Didn’t encounter any flashing threads, all pretty polite and civil. Verry noice.
  7. I only provided the link. The tools were made by scook who is an expert CbB user and programmer. Yes. I have SF13 working no problem. Spend some time reading all of scook’s instructions as they’re very comprehensive. Yes, you can reverse any entries made using the functions within the tool to delete entries made.
  8. Here’s the link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eiVH_I1clbbRtWFh4-3Mo7HANjCxR8SwqHJtYXy19gw/pub
  9. There’s a whole forum section devoted to posting deals. Just thought you might like to know.
  10. Reading this thread might help convince you about Cakewalk by BandLab. https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/6018-still-using-sonar/
  11. Lookup pg 379 and onwards in the Reference Guide. There are settings allowing how strictly CbB snaps to grid. Magnetic is a keyword search that will help you. There are many Snap settings not just On or Off
  12. Half a lifetime ago I was burgled, replaced all my equipment 6 weeks later and was burgled again. Apparently that’s a thing. Burgle again after insurance has paid out and/or equipment replaced. All the measures I undertook to secure the house I was renting were to no avail. Deadlocks and bolts on all doors and windows. It looked like they just smashed the door in with a sledge hammer. The stile with dead bolts and locks was just hanging on the door frame. Lots of lessons learned. I feel for you Keni, it’s a gut wrenching time. Hearing someone else suffer the same stirs up all those feelings again. Same happened a few years back when Bitflipper was burgled. It’s sickening. A real violation. It really makes you grateful for what you have. All the best to you Keni.
  13. A matter of taste really. Why don’t you demo it. You can download a free trial. I have both, but prefer ProChannel because it’s convenient, built right in and the various FX are more than serviceable. Above all I’m used to it and how it sounds. Also there were a few plugins that extended the functionality of the ProChannel. There’s nothing wrong with Scheps, but it is a little heavier in CPU usage. A general principle I rely on when using channel strips is to not mix and match. Of course thats a hangover from the analog days where the console you had dictated your channel strip. In the digital era I guess there’s only guiding principles. You can do anything you want. Whether it sounds good or works well is another question. I bought the Waves Mercury bundle quite a few years ago now and all the Scheps plugins were included along with updates. I probably wouldn’t have bought a seperate channel strip, already having ProChannel.
  14. Maybe the instructor’s strange. Not you. 👍
  15. If you’re talking to me. I Only have the version I made. Check the file date. edit: actually I last updated it with some info I got last year.
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