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  1. Sorry for my poor explanation. I’ll try again and hopefully do it right. Often times the subject of what is better, CPU speed versus number of CPU cores comes up and from what I understand, CPU speed wins out over number of cores. My original comment, corrected in bold Audio does not lend itself to multi core processing so benefits more from processor speed than core numbers. Please re-educate me if necessary. Thanks.
  2. The simple answer is, NO! Though I’m sure someone will soon be here to provide greater detail on why thats the case. Cakewalk is not a graphics intensive program nor does it offload audio threads to the GPU. The single most significant bottleneck, all other things being OK, is, CPU speed. Audio does not lend itself to multithreaded processing so benefits more from processor speed than thread numbers. There is a recommended PC spec (Check the Reference Manual) that Cakewalk issues and it usually identifies a very modest GPU. Hope that helps.
  3. Be patient. There’s far more questions than people who have your specific answer ready at their finger tips. It might take a while. Do you remember the name of the Preset/s? Maybe try doing a search for the file that naming the preset would have created. Or perhaps a Registry search for the Preset name. I’m on a phone at the moment but when I get back to my PC I can have a look for some clues.
  4. The Reference Guide also has detailed instructions and tutorials on the basics of recording audio and MIDI. Follow the link to the download page. https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/2860-reference-guide-pdf-now-available-updated-28-apr-2020/
  5. Thanks for this feature @Noel Borthwick I remember way back around Sonar 4 having feature request discussions with Ron Kuiper about using markers to define regions which could then be auditioned through a playlist of regions type of feature. Again, thanks.
  6. In this thread alone there have been opposing views of a couple of VSTis. That indicates the subjective nature of what constitutes a great synth or fx plugin. That being the case, having access to a list of freely available plugins is about as good as it gets. Google (or other search engine of your choice) is your friend. In just a few posts here, several suggestions have been made but I’d suggest there are thousands to pick from. A forum like this is one of many places where suggestions can be found that will help to provide a short list to direct your search. I’m glad Cakewalk isn’t connected to a bunch of plugins and the necessary development that would distract the small dev team from devoting exclusive attention on Cakewalk. I think there’s some issues about further developments with plugs like Rapture Pro etc, that go back to the original creator. Not sure but was it Rene Caballos, who was with Cakewalk at some time. I don’t remember the details. Just a vague recollection about picking up from the previous devs work??
  7. I have SO4 Pro and Cubase10 10.5. I don’t think they’re particularly similar. I got Cubase when Sonar sank as the cross-grade price was too good to pass up. However, 2 years down the track I don’t use either and would be happy to get rid of them for a reasonable offer. CUBASE- No longer for sale
  8. I remember way back around Sonar 4 release, having discussions with Ron Kuiper about a feature request for a composition organiser based around using markers to define regions which could in turn be used like a play list for auditioning parts in selected orders. it just seemed so obvious at the time but it never happened... until now sort of.
  9. A Raven MTi (27” multi-touch LCD) on the desktop and 42” TV on the wall in front of me.
  10. Going for a walk outside the space ship now!
  11. Very insightful there, but it’s actually behind me. I had a 30 year career in nursing. Of that time, most by far was spent in psychiatric nursing in just about every form imaginable. The shift work made it possible to lead another life focussed on music.
  12. This discussion has really helped me understand my motivation for sharing these thoughts in the first place. Thanks.
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