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  1. I figured out it works ok at 4ms, but I normally didn't need to set is that high. Something changed
  2. I was just using Cakewalk a few days ago before I updated to the latest version and everything was working fine. I had my latency set at 3.3 ms and it was working perfectly. Now I get clicks and pops even when I set it above 5 seconds. What happened? I'm using asio focusrite 2i4
  3. I figured it out. It was because I was using Poulin Lecab and it couldn't find an ir that I accidentally moved. Thanks!
  4. I all the sudden can't open any existing projects in cakewalk. It freezes when it says "preparing project." Not sure if it was because of the last update? I've tried using multiple interfaces. I can open a new project, but not an existing one. This is very frustrating because I'm in the middle of recording an album. It doesn't seem to be creating a minidump. please help!
  5. Hi guys, after the latest update, I cannot open my existing projects. I need to somehow get the previous version. Could you please help? Michael Pierce The Pierce Paradox, Littleton, CO
  6. I'm having this same issue. Did you figure out how to fix it?
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