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  1. 25 minutes ago, Kyle Davis said:

    And there it is again. It's never asctuall "Calkewalk" itself with this forum! 

    As several people have already indicated, even if it is a cakewalk bug, there is an ecosystem and a context behind it. In a system with complex interactions it is important to have all the elements. Cakewalk (or any other software) does not work from scratch. Would you go to your doctor and just say you're sick without giving any other information?

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  2. 12 minutes ago, Keni said:

    Thanks Sakini...

    Probably the same. In the about box, which build does it show?

    I doubt it will matter to me much, but something’s wrong. This build only contains one item that affects me (and it's in a good way), but it's a minor issue. I am comfortable with the EA release.


    in about box I have 2021.11 build 10 



  3. 35 minutes ago, Keni said:

    So Far? Can't get the update.

    I'm running EA 2021.11.10 and opening Cake brings no toast. Invoking check for update tells me I'm up to date with 2021.09?


    Me too but I thinks 2021.11.10 is the last version.

    EA 2021.11 build 10 seems to be the same with  release 2021.11.




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