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  1. I repeat Linux is very good for certain uses. Especially for servers. But does that mean that there is a large ecosystem for music around Linux? Without ideology, you have to look at reality as it is. How many professional studios use Linux for production?. The fact that Linux is great for servers doesn't matter if it's harder to find the software you want for music. I buy an android smatphone it's because I can install my applications. And not because android is based on Linux. If I need to buy a car, I don't need a jet engine just because those engines are absolutely more efficient. I used Ubuntu Studio for a long time with qtractor, hydrogen, zynAddsubFx , Calf and others software. (I dont like Ardour workflow, that not depends on windows/linux ). all these software are ok, but to switch to a more efficient daw I had to switch to CbB and S1. And so I changed my OS. I chose the OS according to my softwares and not the other way around. The goal is to do music not computer
  2. Ok linux is very good for some things(I am also a Linux user since many years) but linux just for linux has no sense. If you want to make music you will also need compatible softwares, plugins, audio interface etc , computer technology is not the only thing to take into account., maybe it is a vicious circle but if linux is not used by a lot of people daw/plugins company will not have to spend a lot of money for few people. Will you be ok to pay a linux cakewalk version 2 to 3 times more expensive to to make it profitable ? Idem for plugins , hardware ?
  3. I think you shouldn't have a religion about operating systems. The most important are software and plugins. OS is secondary I started computer music with Linux / Ubuntu studio because I got a laptop and I didn't want to pay for a license for windows. Conclusion: I had to use specific amateur software with fewer features than those I had with Windows. The concern does not come from Linux but from the ecosystem of software and plugins. In the end, it made me waste my time and I switched to windows in order to have more choices regarding software. PS it's been 20 years since I heard that linux is better and that it will replace windows. ==>3% of market share Today for the desktop it still remains a geek thing
  4. Thanks Overclocking is not the only différence. The base frequency is 2.1 Ghz for 12700 vs 3.6 Ghz for 12700K. The minimum frenquency for cakewalk is 2.6Ghz . But it is not spécified if it concern Base Frequency or turbo Frequency.
  5. I am thinking about buy a new computer for music. I would like the intel 12700 because the TDP is 65W and I want to have a minimum of noise. 65W seem to be easier to chill. So the base frequency is 2.1 Ghz. Is it enough for cakewalk ? does anybody else use a no K intel CPU ?
  6. As several people have already indicated, even if it is a cakewalk bug, there is an ecosystem and a context behind it. In a system with complex interactions it is important to have all the elements. Cakewalk (or any other software) does not work from scratch. Would you go to your doctor and just say you're sick without giving any other information?
  7. For me not exactely the same, but the scan for this VST (WaveShell9-VST3 ) is much longer than others VST, maybe an issue with this plugin
  8. I have the same problem. I would like to understand when the step sequencer will be grayed out or not and why
  9. I tried to use a custom workspace but it is the same. I would like in the other screen to dock arranger ou other window in console view. i don't know if it is possible
  10. I use view / fit project to window So the end of the projet is about 12 hours instead of 3 minutes. I dont have any midi informations or audio after 3 minutes Why the end of the song seem to be about 12 hours ?
  11. I undock some components from main windows and put them in a second screen. But i need to resize each of them manualy Is it possible to dock in a other main window undocked component? It would be easier to manage component
  12. in about box I have 2021.11 build 10
  13. Me too but I thinks 2021.11.10 is the last version. EA 2021.11 build 10 seems to be the same with release 2021.11.
  14. Hi is Native Ins­tru­ments Kom­plete Audio 2 compatible with Cakewalk ?
  15. Hi is it possible to save anywhere some configuration profil depending on onboard card vs card brand1 vs card brand2.... And then select the profil instead changing settings from several location ?
  16. Bonjour pour les francophones un nouveau groupe facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/346028586185069 @ bientôt
  17. Is it possible in settings to have a check box for "show Notification Update for Regular release and an other one to Early acces release ?
  18. Would it possble to have the color of préférence windows mached with the theme. for example if my theme is thungsten a (dark theme) when i open the brightness white preference windows it priks eyes.
  19. Hi i would be a great idea to have possibility to just make a drag & drop in category folder
  20. Il would be a great feature to have cakewalk vsti for piano and organ aside electric piano.
  21. adjust the velocity control with the width of each note. it will be easier to select the volume (not try to select one pixel)
  22. I would like to have a navigation bar To be able to see quickly where I am in the song
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