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  1. Yes I can move it, but it goes again on 11.6 msec.
  2. About the settings/solution to hear both I found this: https://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/banana.htm The only question I still have is about the buffer size, it can only be set to 11.6 msec! Is there an option that it can be changed?
  3. I installed asio4all drivers and till now Bandland didn't crash but maybe it is a coincident, we wait and see. Now the problem is that I have no sound in my Chrome browser and youtube!
  4. Ok Scook thanks very much for your help.
  5. Ok after following your help and selecting "All" for the audio track I got it. But If add track/Instrument/Create the stereo/mono button still not showing.
  6. Maybe I sound stupid, In Bandlab if I have an audio track and I want to change it from stereo to mono, where is the button? I find it only in bus tracks!
  7. So it's better if I install ASIO4All drivers?
  8. But is the problem because I dont have audio interface ?
  9. Yes Realtek is the only audio device.
  10. The only difference that I noticed is that the Buffer Size of Bandlab is grey and I cannot change it and of Sonar is Blue and I can change it. And record timing master, Bandlab is None and Sonar is empty. To let you know, this is a new computer.
  11. Hi, I read many topics about this error but I still cannot find an answer. I downloaded Cakewalk Bandlab last week but it is crashing all the time. I was using Sonar Platinum without problems. If I load same tracks that I created in Sonar in Bandlab, it crashes. Or viceversa if I load tracks in Sonar that I created in Bandlab and crashes, in Sonar they play without problems. In both versions there are exactly same plugins and vsts. Any help please
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