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  1. As sjoens says, something like a switch, the Hold key of Virtual Control doesn't work that way😭
  2. With Cantabile VSThost, it's possible to Hold the Ctrl key while pressing a note on keyboard and cause it to be held on. It's very useful with AS Sunbird as you can build guitar patterns in real time. Any idea, somebody ?
  3. Create a Cal script which assigns a specific channel to note events into each track (forEachEvent (do (if (== Event.Kind NOTE)) (= Event.Chan 0)) ; any chosen channel )) you know then which note belongs to which track and can use into RemoveDupNotes.Cal, something like (if (== Channel Event.Chan)) ;
  4. So, how are the sound and functionality as vst ? a good buy ?
  5. A nice trick to do for a melody line, you hit the same key on the virtual keyboard exactly like you hum, then you adjust notes pitch in accordance to your melody in the piano roll
  6. ;; _Legato.CAL, by Serge Daigno 2003 (do (int tbase 1) ; Or whatever you want, 2 for 480, 1 for 960 (dword FromTime 0) (dword ToTime 0) (int Found 0) (int setting 1) ; Or whatever you want, number of ticks cut before the next note (while (!= 4 Found) (do ;; For each actual Note event occurence, get the Event.Time (= Found 0) (forEachEvent (do (if (&& (== Found 0) (&& (== Event.Kind NOTE) (> Event.Time FromTime))) (do (= FromTime Event.Time) (= Found 1) )) ;; Find the next Note event occurence and get the Event.Time value (if (&& (== Found 1) (&& (== Event.Kind NOTE) (> Event.Time FromTime))) (do (= ToTime Event.Time) (= Found 2) )) )) ;; Return to the actual Note event and resize the note duration (forEachEvent (do (if (&& (== Found 2) (&& (== Event.Kind NOTE) (== Event.Time FromTime))) (do (= Note.Dur (- (/ (- ToTime FromTime) tbase) setting)) (= Found 3) )) )) (if (< Found 3) (= Found 4)) ;; Ending when last note is reached )) )
  7. I think that would be innovative to enhance the arranger as a collaborative tool for musicians sharing BandLab files. Not only lyrics but also comments (and yes bigger fonts on more than a single line) would give an even more something special to BandLab
  8. In the Event List, I double clicked on a Key aftertouch event to switch for an articulation event, then selected a channel into the articulation map, clicked on Ok, and bang, right in my face, without any warning, blazing fast, like a thunder, an out of memory message appeared 😲 I bet 2$ that is related to a memory something
  9. I had to face this annoying problem, here is what I found to rechannel CC's, hope that helps.
  10. Hi, I revived an old sonar project having many CC11 events. When I open the PRV and the Controller pane, instead of all CC appearing in one chunk like the good old days, it's all scattered into different lanes like CC: 11-Expression (Chan 11), CC: 11-Expression (Chan 15), etc. Is there a way to put it back into only one piece? The problem is better explained here : Finally, here is a CAL workaround that merge all lanes into one. Channel is default to 0. ;; Expression_channel reset all found cc to 0 (do (int CC# 0) ; Choose Control Number (dword FromStart From) (getInt CC# "Controller " 0 127) (forEachEvent (do (if (&& (== Event.Kind CONTROL) (== Control.Num CC#)) (= Event.Chan 0)) )) (= From FromStart) )
  11. Sorry to hear that. I only played with the demo version and never encountered such a problem. Have you tried to proceed clip by clip (one pitch = one clip), instead of doing it on one shot? As I understand, that Doppler problem seems to happen when you change the pitch while playing.
  12. One global and an one more for the Prv. Isn't it confusing? I guess so, at least for somebody who steps alternatively from the Track View to the Pvr.
  13. Maybe something different like this could worth to check. Solos are somewhat baked but their elastic technology make it possible to rearrange them. https://www.ueberschall.com/products/instruments/electric guitar/2/releaseDate/28.en.html
  14. Showing only selected notes and other events would be a nice option to add to the Event List 💭
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