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  1. Thanks for the toggle tip. I didn't know that right-click alone allows to lasso notes into the smart tool, now the Select tool is permanently retired
  2. Doesn't work, it opens the Note Properties window. Thanks. Thanks John for the trick, useful if, and only if, only want same values notes. It's fine, a workaround has been found as explained in my second post.
  3. Yes, but unsuccessfully. By the way the version is 2020.11 Build 099.
  4. John, I want to pick some scattered among others.
  5. @tecknot Just ctrl-clicking on them. Oddly the Smart Tool allows to Ctrl-click notes, even showing a small "+" sign while clicking. At least I'm not stuck, having an alternative Thanks
  6. I tried to select more than one note with Ctrl-Click using Select Tool or even Move Tool and nothing happens. Is there something that should be done to make it work? Thanks for any hint.
  7. I'm afraid you are right 🙂. Testing again in standalone mode using Loopmidi lead to same results. I had no doubt about the CC's transmission, but rather about the handling of Vsti's. Midi Learn should help to overpass some CC lacks. Thanks
  8. I drawn some Midi CC events (CC1 Modulation, CC7 Volume, CC11 Expression, CC10 Panning) into the piano roll. Vsti plugins sometimes respond well to some while been not affected at all by other CC changes . Also changing the velocity value into the Event List has no effect on Kontakt player. SampleTank 3 : Event List Velocity, Yes | CC11, No | CC7, No | CC10, No | CC1, No Kontakt player 6 : Event List Velocity, No | CC11, No | CC7, Yes | CC10, Yes | CC1, Audio Engine dropout Real Guitar 5 : Event List Velocity, Yes | CC11, Yes | CC7, Yes | CC10, No | CC1, Yes I don't see how to manage a problem that is not evenly distributed among those plugins. Any suggestion is welcome.
  9. Another one Kontakt player here https://www.sampletekk.com/grand-pianos&product_id=196
  10. You could try the Guitar tab into Caller. 1- Select one note into the piano roll and move the time ruler somewhere along that selected note. 2- Into Caller set attack motif, strumming and mode (Yellow lists). 3- Then click on the Chord pattern (Green list ) to create that chord into Cakewalk. The patterns, like C4, etc., allow to create that chord differently. https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/18982-caller-for-cal-users/
  11. That is an answer (see Collin?), in my mind it was not clear since keyswitches into the piano roll were not removed. Thanks, it's gonna be very useful as a tool
  12. But also watch the video from 3:40 about how the pianoroll looks messy when filled with all those keyswitches, does the articulation map solve the problem? Also, if you decide to replace a sustain articulation with a legato one, will you have to also make that change into the map line? is it what we call a saving time feature ? If the articulation map would trigger keys by itself, that would be a great tool.
  13. What's the point of having an articulation map when you must input anyway keyswitches into the piano roll ?
  14. Have a look on Caller and his CAL scripts. Though this GUI is not embedded into Cakewalk it could speed up your workflow.
  15. Done, I was reluctant to scare users with an exe version. Thanks
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