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  1. Okay, finally I figured it out. Since I'm a "newbie", I missed a couple of things: 1. You don't need to install a new ASIO4ALL driver. It comes with 3rd generation of Focusrite. (I uninstalled it. This was the one that crashed my computer.) 2. After if I select ASIO driver in setup, I have the option to pick ASIO Focusrite USB. Suddenly, everything falls into place. Now I can select multiple inputs. This post also helped me to setup inputs: https://support.focusrite.com/hc/en-gb/articles/206849199-How-to-select-outputs-in-Cakewalk-Sonar I'm still running into issues but at least I can record on all channels. I cannot pan kick to the middle after recording. Same with the snare: it is always on the right and cannot be panned to the middle after recording....but I'll figure it out. I guess that's called the learning curve 🙂 Thanks for the help again, Laszlo
  2. Thanks. I'm waiting for Focusrite response. Sorry, I meant that I'm using the ASAPI4ALL version 2.14. I'm using the latest Focusrite driver and I will try WASAPI later today. Look at this post: https://support.focusrite.com/hc/en-gb/articles/115002006329-Can-I-use-ASIO4all-with-my-Focusrite-Interface- Extract from the post; "Can I use ASIO4all with my Focusrite Interface? 3 years ago Updated We do not recommend using ASIO4all in your DAW for your Focusrite Interface. The Focusrite Interfaces all come with a native device specific driver that includes both ASIO and WDM driver types."
  3. Brand new, I just got the interface couple of weeks ago: 3rd generation.
  4. Hi Mark, Thank you for your reply. I'll try to setup WASAPI but yes, I did go to Preferences and checked "Show Mono Outputs". The ASIO driver I tried to use is the latest version from their website 2.14. Anytime I tried to switch to it, I receive a "blue screen of death" on my Dell XPS laptop.
  5. Hello, Would anybody know the solution how to setup Focusrite 18i20 in Bandlab to see all the inputs and not just the stereo 1/2 channels? I believe the drivers are installed correctly (re-installed it multiple times). All of my (8) microphones are generating signals and I can record correctly in Bandlab but only on two channels. I did tons of research but I cannot find the solution anywhere. Also contacted Focusrite support but they did not get back to me yet. I saw some posts where people recommend to use the ASIO driver but this crashes my laptop and Focusrite is not recommending it either. I'm using the generic MME driver with Win 10. Any help is appreciated Thanks, Laszlo
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