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  1. Ok share my solution. this is conflict of different sampling rate in my audio interface setting (which used by browser) and the default sampling set in CbB . I synched to same rate 48kHz and issue gone.
  2. hi CJ I can't find that exact option name. i see only "suspend audio engine when cakewalk is not in focus" i check or uncheck issue still persists. Can you guide more? thanks!
  3. hi Folk Sorry if question seem stupid but please solve my first try on Cakewalk. Calkwalk run smooth but once I open browser run youtube -> brower has no sound ( but other music player app sound ok ) Vice versa if I open browser first run youtube sound ok and then open Cakewalk -> Cakewalk hang no sound and cursor sand clock moving??!! Any idea why i have conflict on using sound interface between browser and Cakewalk? Appreciate your support! Bank ( windows 10 , cakewalk 2020.4 , focusrite 8i6 gen1)
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