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  1. rg beynon

    exporting audio

    I did what you said and when I played the track back on my pc it was still the same, some of the left channel always in the right and vice versa. I dragged the file into my tablet and lo and behold it was as it should be! Thank you very much now I know what needs to be done! It must be my media player which is not doing hard pan settings as well. Anyway, I`m very grateful for your solution Ron
  2. rg beynon

    exporting audio

    i just create a bass part with midi and drums as well. The bass is panned left and the drums hard right. Each on a separate track. When they play back as midi no problem. I then record these to an audio track but they wont stay panned! So when I export that track to mp3 it`s stereo but the drums has bass with it and the bass has drums with it! It`s probably a simple fix but I don`t know what to do.
  3. rg beynon

    exporting audio

    Hi thanks for your reply but what do you mean by export right within cakewalk? I want the left and right from my tablet to go into the pa amp on separate channels. Then I can control the relative level of each live. If I drag the exported file into audacity it shows up and sounds ok with the separate bass and drum tracks. If I then export from there it still has bleed from each track into the other thanks Ron
  4. rg beynon

    exporting audio

    I am trying to create backing tracks to use live as mp3s and have created them in bandlab as separate tracks of audio. I then transfer them to my Tablet for live performance. For example, bass, drums, and rhythm guitar all on their own track. I have panned bass hard left and anything else hard right. I have no fx on any channel or track. They play back properly in bandlab but when I export the audio the playback in media player has some bass in the right channel and some drums and guitar in the left so it sounds odd and I can`t separate them. I want to be able to balance the bass part separately from anything else when playing live. Any suggestions greatly appreciated thanks. How do I stop this happening?
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