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  1. You are right! MIDI files I'm trying to use are made in that unconvential way, however I checked and that's due to how I get them. Other DAWS I used before import them rigth anyway, so I have never digged deeper on how MIDI works. Now the subject is clear and I have already figured out how to properly get MIDI in a way that they are opened correctly. The issue was that they didn't have information about tracks, only about channels. Thanks anyone for helping! I would never come to a solution otherwise. It seems to be an amazing and supporting community
  2. I would be a bit disappointed if there is no simpler method. Split MIDI channels in different tracks is not an issue, but would they have to be opened one by one then? (Anyway CAL is great! Never heard of it before, I'm likely going to dig it soon)
  3. Thanks scook, this is what I'm trying, but the file is being imported in one single track, despite right-clicking on the notes shows that they belong to different channels. I would like to have each channel assigned to a different track. It should be a simple task but had not found solution online. Any help is greatly appreciated
  4. Cheers everyone! I have noob question: what is the best/fastest way to import a MIDI in a way that every MIDI channel is assigned to a different instrument/synth?
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