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  1. Thank you for your immediate response! That's what I did. But: In this Screenshot, you selected DELAY as FX. Would I hear the Delay while recording/playing "through" CAKEWALK? In my situation, I can only apply the (let's say in this case) DELAY afterwards on the already recorded Track. I wanted to hear the selected effect WHILE playing and recording. It is not the problem to hear nothing, get me right. It is the "problem" that I don't hear the chosen effect while playing. So, the "Input Echo" is the solution for that? Best Regards and again thank you for your help.
  2. Hi, I am a newbie and just try to understand how to apply FX in a guitar track. I am not able to, lets say, apply distortion to a track and listen to the effect while recording. I can only apply the filter afterwards to the recorded track. Is that normal? Or ist there a way to monitor my playing and recording with the effect in Real-Time? Thanks for idiot-support but I'm trying for days now ;-(
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