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  1. They could already do the same with Samplitude
  2. Subscription, subscription this is turning into disgusting. I refuse to subscribe.
  3. A download assistant that does not show your product updates.
  4. Let's look at what happened to Sonar when it was owned by Gibson, they also sold us the bike of how wonderful the subscriptions were.
  5. If they take the subscription model in the future, here's one that says goodbye Native.
  6. I did not get the download link, it was a free plugin, it was not necessary to enter the PayPal data.It seems that the page does not exist.
  7. Independence Pro Suite Plus Platinum + Deluxe They could change the gui instead of continually selling the same thing.
  8. New version of Sitala arrives with many interesting news. https://decomposer.de/sitala/
  9. I've been trying to download it since yesterday and it's impossible, with ridiculous speed. They bought the servers at Toys "R" Us.
  10. I know, but when I'm inside the IAC and I download the executable, the IAC downloads the Mac version, not the Windows version. They must have a bug.
  11. No, I have installed IAC for Windows, but just download the Mac executable not Windows.
  12. Is Mac only? Only I download a pkg not an exe.
  13. Same problem here. I can't register in Native Access. Error serial number.
  14. I have the confirmation by email, but I still haven't received the serial number.
  15. Samplitude new 199, upgrade 149 Does anyone understand the pricing policy of these people?
  16. Mixcraft upgrades are very cheap. You have to go to this page and put your email. https://acoustica.com/mixcraft/upgrades
  17. Larry get some rest, it's crazy.
  18. Only 30 percent off. Presonus you can do better.
  19. It is not Tone Booster it is another developer.
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