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  1. It is no longer the first time this happens to them and that means losing a lot of money in sales.
  2. In short, a lot of publicity to present four things and the most important thing for them, a subscription model.
  3. Minimum investment maximum profit is Waves policy. They don't offer anything worth buying WUP.
  4. It’s a subtractive type poly phonic synthesizer with midi effects and audio effects. And many of synth and audio fx parameters can be modulated. You can create wide variety of synth sound with those midi/audio fx and modulations. It has a free version and a paid version with an introductory price of 40 dollars https://hy-plugins.com/product/hy-poly/
  5. Beat Magazine now in English too and starting this month you can subscribe to Zinio. https://rekkerd.org/beat-magazine-06-07-2020-is-now-available-in-english/
  6. @Grem It is what happens by not being ordered with the plugins.
  7. If you upgrade from essential to assistant you will receive version 5 free, fake. The only thing that has been updated to 5 is the essential version and now after installing this I cannot use assistant, I have to uninstall version 5 of essential in order to use version 4 assistant.
  8. I have not received any notification about it yet, I was updated on that occasion and they promised me that.
  9. I know, I know. Do not be angry with me, I am also a victim.
  10. I spoke to Jrrshop via email and they told me this: Thank you for your order. I apologize for the delay. Unfortunately, Tracktion sends upgrade licenses manually and it isn’t possible for us to deliver them automatically. Since they didn not deliver them yesterday, I’m afraid that we might not receive them until Monday or Tuesday. Would you like to wait or would you prefer to receive a refund? I'll wait until tomorrow....
  11. I too am still waiting for the activation code. I bought yesterday. Very bad Jrrshop and Tracktion.
  12. 149 euros for those who have the V collection 6. I do not understand this movement, this instrument will surely be in the V collection 8.
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