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  1. I have the confirmation by email, but I still haven't received the serial number.
  2. Samplitude new 199, upgrade 149 Does anyone understand the pricing policy of these people?
  3. Mixcraft upgrades are very cheap. You have to go to this page and put your email. https://acoustica.com/mixcraft/upgrades
  4. Larry get some rest, it's crazy.
  5. Only 30 percent off. Presonus you can do better.
  6. It is not Tone Booster it is another developer.
  7. I do not understand these people, for the update they ask me for 199 euros and now they sell it completely for 199.
  8. These guys give this plugin for free, enjoy it https://www.dharmaworldwide.com/kick
  9. It is no longer the first time this happens to them and that means losing a lot of money in sales.
  10. In short, a lot of publicity to present four things and the most important thing for them, a subscription model.
  11. Minimum investment maximum profit is Waves policy. They don't offer anything worth buying WUP.
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