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  1. They create a subscription and after a few months they eliminate it. These people are not serious.
  2. With Gmail it does not work in my case I had to use another one.
  3. The same thing happened to me, you have to enter the code manually and login again.
  4. They are penalizing me for buying their products, it's amazing. If I find out, I won't buy anything from them.
  5. They should release a new version every month.
  6. Asking 299 euros for an update seems obscene to me and I don't care if they give all that software that I don't need.
  7. Version 3.0.0 Stereo / mono amount added. Ducking mode added. Harmonic engine added. Minor fixes and enhancements. Tal-Reverb
  8. It gives me a download error continuously, they must have saturated servers.
  9. 299 since version 6, which is the one I have. They must be mad at me to give me that upgrade price.
  10. These guys from W.A. have decided to release this plugin for everyone. Enjoy it. Multibender Lite (CM)
  11. Does anyone understand how this company works? It does some very strange things :)
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