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  1. All users can now purchase this plugin, which until recently was exclusive to those with MiniFreak hardware. To see your price log in Arturia Arturia minifreak
  2. Great plugin,offer through december 12 Uvi
  3. This new update includes native compatibility for Apple M1 & M2 chips, a VST3 version for Windows and Mac and several bugfixes and improvements. What's new in this version: Includes native ARM support for M1/M2 Macs. Includes VST3 version. Solves AAX problems in Pro Tools 2022.9+ on Mac. Fixes oversampling crash bug. Added oscillator drift emulation (oscdrift in Settings.xml). Added MidiLearn for PitchBend. Added support for .vstpreset and .fst preset files (drag & drop). Improved GUI framerate on macOS. Fixes FL Studio keypress issues with detached windows. Fixes FL Studio graphic bug in bridged mode. Fixes file signature bug. Fixes problems with modal pop-up windows. Fixes initial scaling issues. Added GUI scaling check (Windows). Dropped 32bit support for macOS. Minimum required macOS version is 10.9. LennarDigital
  4. 80% discount on the Karma synth. Modular and fun Synth. Karmafx
  5. Ikmultimedia will respond to this 190 gig attack.
  6. I understand that they have to sell, but being every day changing the promotions, subscriptions drive people crazy.
  7. CHANGE LOG Version 4.0.2 / 21.11.2022 Improved reverb quality. Improved pitch shifter quality for tune. DAMP control added for smooth reverb tails. Bit depth and sample rate control. New UI. New and updated presets (if you already have installed a previous version, then you need to delete the preset folder to get the new presets). Tal-Reverb
  8. They have raised the prices, it was too cheap before
  9. Now the serial number worked, it must have been incorrectly copied.
  10. This is funny I have it in my account, I have the number and I can't activate it. Anyway, we take note.
  11. Under the hood, Usynth is a very complex synthesizer. Each instance consists of 2 individual layers per voice, with Virtual Analog, Wavetable, FM and Multisample Synthesis, Multi-mode Filter, 5-stage envelopes, LFOs, 12-way modulation matrix and much much more. But why would you care! UJAM
  12. VST3 support is available for both Windows and macOS, and offers native compatibility with both Apple Silicon (M1/M2/M-series) and Intel processors. We will continue to support both VST3 and VST2 formats for all products for the time being. This update is free for all users with Soundtoys version 5 or later plug-ins. Log into your Soundtoys account and download the installers. Soundtoys
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