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  1. I don't ask them to give away their products, but at least they don't laugh at consumers. They've had these prices before Black Friday.
  2. Another subscription, boring.
  3. Cannot be used consumes too much CPU.
  4. Where has this guy been? Hasn't he heard about Waves? At Area 51?
  5. Because they want you to subscribe for a year, not go month to month. That's why they raise the monthly rate.
  6. And this, my dear friends, is subscriptions.
  7. Neutron 4 elements and Ozone 10 elements is garbage. Like trying to sell you something worse than the previous version for the same price.
  8. What used to be a good product, they have turned it into garbage. Another company that thinks that their customers are idiots and that they should be given everything done on the basis of presets.
  9. The marketing people can now get to work to convince people that before they had a free product for a long time and now they are going to have to pay. These moves do not bring good news.
  10. Won't they fall into the subscription error again? with Gibson it did not work.
  11. The Iris Harp will have to arrive first, I've been waiting for it for two hours.
  12. Honestly, asking for 299 for three new features seems to me to be too much.
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