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  1. BFD launches new website with 3.4 software update, new user portal, and expansion pack offer. https://www.bfddrums.com/
  2. And what are the new features of version 6? I only see version 5. Magix as always.
  3. UVI Spring Sale 2021: Save up to 50% on virtual instruments and plugins UVI
  4. What a surprise, first Izotope subscription and now this. I don't like that Francisco.
  5. Waves are geniuses to make people pay continuously for the same plugins and the funny thing is that many people pay for it.
  6. Callybeat has released a free synthesizer instrument geared towards 808 kicks and deep bass sounds. Callybeat Enjoy the music
  7. They could already do the same with Samplitude
  8. Subscription, subscription this is turning into disgusting. I refuse to subscribe.
  9. A download assistant that does not show your product updates.
  10. Let's look at what happened to Sonar when it was owned by Gibson, they also sold us the bike of how wonderful the subscriptions were.
  11. If they take the subscription model in the future, here's one that says goodbye Native.
  12. I did not get the download link, it was a free plugin, it was not necessary to enter the PayPal data.It seems that the page does not exist.
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