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  1. Thanks Gswitz, I've tried several browsers, disabled all plugins, cleared history/cookies/cache and nothing has helped. It's odd because that is the ONLY site I have any issue with. Ran virus and malware scans...nada And the fact it's doing it on two different computers.....that made me think it could be my ISP or something....but....I've asked a couple other people locally, and nope....I'm the only one with issues. (I also reset my router and rebooted my modem...nothing) So...something got screwed up on my end....on 2 computers....my phone browser seems to be ok with it. I remoted in to my work computer and the site works fine from there. I'll figure it out at some point.
  2. Hey all, For some time now (I'd say at least a couple weeks that I've really noticed it...perhaps even longer)I've been having weird issues on the Sweetwater website. Pages not loading correctly or completely, network protocol errors, and various other oddities. Originally, I thought it might just be some of my network settings....but it's the only site I have issues with, and my settings are all pretty standard. Has anyone else noticed this? It's become a real hassle trying to bounce around inside their site. Thanks for any enlightenment.
  3. Thanks for the responses, guys....much appreciated.....I had seen the manual section that you mentioned, ReginaldStJohn, but looked over it again. And Scook....thanks, as always, for your help, as well. Still having the issue.....but....I'm going over all my settings to make sure I don't have something "screwed up" on my end.
  4. I'm working on a project with a friend, and was having a lot of stuttering/glitching, so decided to freeze many of the tracks in hopes of freeing up resources. Then, afterward, realized that freezing the tracks, of course, disables the effects bin....no biggie...I kind of figured this, but thought that the bus the tracks were assigned to might be still able to utilize eq and other effects on a more "semi-global" level (nope....which is probably logical). However, after unfreezing those tracks, I'm still unable to utilize any eq, or other effects either on the track itself, or the bus....... I tried saving the project and restarting cakewalk, and even rebooting....but the unfrozen tracks still seem to be unable to utilize any effects/eq.... Am I simply skipping a step? Or has anyone else ever had/seen this issue before? I've tried it on numerous frozen/unfrozen tracks with several different effects....both first and third party....with the same result. Thanks for any assistance!
  5. This is just a small issue...but one I'd like to resolve, if possible. This has been going on (I think) since the April update... I use dual monitors, and when I begin a project, I undock the console view window and keep that in the left monitor. In the past, once I did that, I could shut down and return to the project, and upon opening, everything would be as I left it (everything undocked the way I wanted it) Starting (I believe) in the April update, I have to perform the undocking sequence every time I use the program. Has anyone else noticed this, and is there a quick way to resolve it? I took a quick look through the settings, and if it's there, I missed it. Again, this is obviously a VERY minor "problem", but I'd appreciate any assistance! Thanks
  6. Ozz

    EZ Bass NOW Available!

    Thanks folks, I think for now, at least, you've saved me some $$. I'll wait and see if improvements are made to it that would make it worth my while. Again, thanks for the feedback!
  7. Ozz

    EZ Bass NOW Available!

    So now that this has been out for a couple/few weeks......what are users here thinking? Any major problems, flaws or inconveniences? Any minor nitpicks?? Is it something truly useful, or another plugin that after a week of toying with it, will now be shoved in the closet with the other unused toys? Will the included loops cause an abundance of VERY similar, and rather generic sounding songs, or are they actually usable, and editable to the point where a non-bassist (such as myself) could have a realistic (or as realistic as one could expect) bass part in a song. I'm very close to pulling the trigger, but don't want to waste money on something that's not going to do the trick. I've watched numerous youtube vids, but I never know if those people are shilling......I've seen two that were somewhat critical (both from the same person, though) regarding the poor performance he was experiencing with audio tracking..... Anyway, any input here would be appreciated......If it's truly decent, I imagine I'll probably get it within the next couple days... Thanks
  8. Thanks....that seems to have narrowed it down significantly.....The latency disappeared when I bypassed all plugins (he was only actually using a couple....a reverb and PSP Lotary.....but he had lotary running separately in something like 10 instances... I've had issues with that plugin causing stuttering, etc in the past..... I'll probably set up a send/return, so I can just have it running once or twice (he's got it set differently from each other in a couple tracks) Hopefully, that will resolve it....Thanks for your quick help!
  9. Hi all, I collaborate long distance with a college buddy/bandmate. We've both been busy with life, so haven't worked on a project in a while (Which is possibly why I'm having this issue)...he sent me his files today. I open the project and everything seems to be there, and plays ok.... I set up a mic to do some vocals, and for some reason, when the input monitoring is delaying the sound (iow, if I sing a note, there's a split second and then I hear it...so...high latency).... I've had this issue in the past....and it was usually either buffer settings, or the drivers weren't set to ASIO.....in this case, everything APPEARS to be ok...but still having the issue. I closed the project and opened one of my own, and everything is fine.....so it's just that one project, that I didn't create. I use a Roland Octa-Capture....he has a quad capture....so similar interfaces. And we both use Cakewalk. I'm sure it's just a setting, and I'll feel ridiculous as soon as I figure it out....but, I'm not having any luck at the moment....can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks!
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