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  1. Hi Guys: Going crazy here cant get Pod Go to assign any switches or expression pedal in daw (cakewalk bandlab) to control snapshots and volume in helix native - looked everywhere for help but no luck Downloaded midi-ox buttons showed they were working but not expression pedal - now midi-ox shows nothing working - not very good at this stuff any help would be much appreciated - thanks
  2. Thank you much tried today and wider is listed now - Cakewalk is a great program so happy I found it Few other questions and I will leave you alone :) 1. How do save the gui state on a restart meaning - if I zoom out time line its stays that way and console etc. is pinned 2. Anyway of having bitmap images of vst plugins to view faster then just text - thank you
  3. Hi Guys: Great program one little hiccup cant figure out why all my vst's work but not "polyverse wider" its my favorite any help would be much appreciated - thank you
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