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  1. Mark Morgon-Shaw's post in Copying and transposing chord notes in PRV was marked as the answer   
    There's nuerous ways depending on what you're trying to achieve..
    Highlight ( hold right mouse & lasso ) then place the pointer over one of the highlighted notes until it turns into a cross with little arrows on and left click-drag will move it around the PRV - holding shift at the same time will constrain it either vertically or horizonatally depending which direction you move first which is handy
    Highlight then Ctrl - left click-  drag will make a copy of the notes that you can drag elsewhere
    Highlight then using the up / down arrow keys on the number pad ( 8 & 2 ) will move the selected notes up & down a semitone at a time
    Highlight + Ctrl D will make a duplicate of the selected notes 
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