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  1. Thank You! That took care of that problem. While waiting for a response, I uninstalled and reinstalled cakewalk. I left everything in its original spot, but my start screen still isn't acting correctly. When I select new project the screen in blank. Do you know how to correct this issue or what could be causing it?
  2. when I open cakewalk and select new project, nothing no longer displays. when I go to file - New, i get a dialogue box that has incorrect location and audio path info and only offers a basic template. I've finished a project using this, but when it's time to export the project I only have two options: Mastermix with effects and mastermix without effects. I usually have a multitude of options. i recently moved some of my cakewalk files: cakewalk content and cakewalk project files from my C partition to my D partition because the D partition has a TB of storage where as C only has 219. I was having latency issues, crash issues and audio dropouts when I was barely using the program. I mean, no effects just recording audio. I have started two new project, since I moved the files, with no issues. now all of a sudden im having issues starting a new project. i've included screen shots of what i see when i try to start a new project via the normal way and via file. new project default.docx new project box via file.docx
  3. Yes. That's what's going on. I will try that. Thank You!
  4. I've tried that. All of a sudden it wont allow me to select the correct input and output. They remain greyed out and realtek is rechecked. I would like to get rid if it (ASIO). I dont like it, but it's the only driver that allows me to record. With wasapi shared I can hear audio but I cant record. With the othet two options I cant do either. Initially that wasnt the case. When I originally used the program, wasapi shared was the only driver that worked correctly.
  5. I am having beaucoup issues. Drop outs, static and clicking sounds during recording. I have to switch to ASIO when Im using my audio interface. Then switch to wasapi shared when im not Now for some reason ASIO is stuck selecting realtek audio and wont allow me to choose my audio interface. Im in the middle of a project and cant finish because the sofware keeps cycling and freezing in the ASIO/realtek audio mode. New laptop. 1tb storage. Tascam US600 audio interface.
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