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  1. Thanks, I know i can bounce to clip if i have many take lanes. But I remember i could select notes in piano roll view, then cakewalk select the star and the end of this select notes. I think i can do it before the last updates. The select tool will be independwnt in Piano roll view.

  2. Hi, Just today I find a problem or a bug, when I select a note in Piano roll, if the clip have a diferent lenght then the note, Cakewalk not select from the start note to the end note, it select the clip lenght

    Before the last update it work fine.

    2 Problem; If i record again in the same midi track now i can see only the 2 clip. Whatts happend?

    Sorry rhe 2 problem solved

  3. Hi, when i insert some articulations 3 or 4 etc, If I play the project each articulation changes. For example: Legato, short pizzi etc.

    But when I click the articulation with the mouse to listen the articulation without playing the song, many times  only changes to the first articulation, I click the other articulations then don't changes.


    I insert 4 articulations: Legato, Short, Pizzi and Trills. I play the project, all articluations change, i click with the mouse the first articulation: Legato and changes the sound, then i click other articulation like short, pizzi or trills, the articluation still sounds Legato. I need to play  the song to changes again.

    Any idea?

  4. I want to know if someone using Cakewalk has been able to record an audio track with an effect like Autotune or any amp simulator like amplitube into the track and the input monitoring active.

    When i try in an empty project i listen a little latency and when I try in a project with a lot of effects the audio stop.

    Some people talk about they can do it in other Daws like Fruity Loops, using autotune many times.

  5. I'm testing this new tool, is fantastic for me, but i thing each articulation will be the possibility to selecc any midi channel each articulation. Because if you load an kontakt instrument you need to assign the same channel midi are in his articulation map.

    Example if you have a kontakt and you load a trumpet library channel 1 and then the same trumpet library channel 2 to make a second voice. when you want to use the articulation map of this library you need to make a second trumpet library articulation map with this channel 2.

  6. David watch the images i add to this topic, why your quest i say? before post this i test all possibilities and repeat many times.

    1: ThreadSchedulingModel value to 3. Prochannel active i do a normal bounce to track, non real time. the first image.

    2: ThreadSchedulingModel value to 3. Prochannel  disable i do a normal bounce to track, non real time. the second image.

    3:ThreadSchedulingModel value to 2. Prochannel active or disable i do a normal bounce to track, non real time. the second image.

    That is and seem possible, this is the reality, i lost one morning checking this problem.

    I think will be better if you post a reply saying Cakewalk team to check this bug or maybe saying me if you have tested this options.

  7. Hi.

    I have a great bug using prochannel.

    I have a kick drum playing in the 1 and 3 beats, prochannel active, i do a bounce to track and the beats of kick drum start at time in the first bars and when yu watch the last bars the audio are before the beats. i insert an image. the kick drum is the track below, orange color the bounce is above, green color. If i disable the prochannel then the beats are right.


  8. 1 hour ago, JoseC said:

    There is no bug in something so basic, it is most probably a set up or a routing error. It looks like you have the Input Echo button in the track header set to On in both tracks instead of Auto. If you set it to On in both tracks, all of them sound as you play your controller. If you set it to Auto, you only hear the selected track. That would be why everything is fine when you stop playing and listen to what you recorded.

    Anyway, if this is not the cause, be more specific about how exactly you have your midi inputs and outputs set up, and how the Input Echo buttons are. 

    Ok, I have to say, before I post a question here i try all options. but anyway i explain what i do:

    Always playing an external module Roland.

    1 option:

    Preferences/Midi/Playback and recording: always Echo Current Midi Track selected.

    I create a loop 4 bars. I record the first midi track, an electric bass. The input echo in auto thru, the track sound right

    I select the 2 track, a drum kit, the input echo in auto thru,when Cakewalk is playing or record i can change the echo input.

    When i'm recording this track i listen drum notes when play my keyboard, but when the loop go the 1 bars then the drum track play the notes recorded but i hear the bass patch.

    2 option: the echo input active

    Then i record the 1 track a bass, select the 2 track, i can't unselect the echo active in the first track, i play my keyboard the bass and drum sound toghether, impossible to record this 2 track listening a drum kit and a bass toghether. of course i can't unselect the echo input without stop the loop.

    3 options:

    Preferences/Midi/Playback and recording: always Echo Current Midi Track unselected

    Of course the option echo input:thru don't work and only listen the track with the echo input active

    I record the 1 track activating the echo input before play the loop, i record the track, but because i can activate the echo input in the 2 track i listen i bass patch.

    Of course there are not more options i think.

    Anyway, maybe you can try this to see you can do it.

    The option 1 seems the only one i can record in loop without stop, but they are stranger things, for example if i unselect the arm botton and play to try what i want to record cakewalk record this in the track. if i record a second lane in some track then all tracks sound with the bass patch or other patch.


  9. 2 hours ago, JoseC said:

    I don´t understand that, either. Can you describe more clearly what you are doing?

    i create a loop, for example from bar 3 to bar 10, then  i create 2 or more midi tracks to record diferent instruments like a bass in track 1 drums in track 2 etc. all midi tracks. but i want to record playing the loop and select in real time each track i want to record. i arm the 1 track record 8 bars and desarm this track,i arm the 2 track to record  a  drum playing my keyboard, then when the loop go to the 1 bar, i listen the 1 track an electric bass and the 2 track a drum kit, i hear the electric bass patch like the 1 track, this is a bug. When i clic the stop then all tracks are right. this is the same using virtual synths or a external module.

  10. Keyswitches palette in Piano roll for big sample libraries.

    Possibility to send tracks to 2 or more buses or outputs

    Freeze function in Aux tracks,when i work sending a track to a aux track with effects, freezing the track don't freeze the effects in the aux track. the icon is, but don't work.

    A function to delete all efects in a track.

    possibility to work with plugins in multimono.

    To fix the bug when recording in loop changing the midi track without stop, all the tracks sound with the instrument in the first track.

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  11. When I record multiple midi tracks in Cakewalk or Sonar, why do I hear them all playing on the same instrument?

    When i record the first midi track for example: a Bass then without stop the record then i select another midi track to record drums, then when the loop start again  is hear the first track with a bass sound and in the drum track recorded i hear the notes with the bass sound.

    When i stop the record then the tracks are right.

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