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  1. Ufff!!! after the last updates changing the system to bounce and sport audio tracks, i have many problems when i bounce midi tracks to audio tracks using kontakt or other libraries. Especially when i use many control changes in the midi track to control volumen and dynamics and articulations. Sometimes the volumen falls suddenly or in long notes cut the sound. It's very frustrating because I have to check each track from beginning to end listening to it in solo . Before these changes in the way to bounce or export tracks everything was working fine. The only way it work right is bouncing in real time. but when i hace to do 10 or more tracks, it's crazy.
  2. Hi John Vere. I did the same porcess like you to export 3 tracks. The same result. 3 minutes 3 tracks. i place another capture screen. the settings are exaclty like you. the project is 5 minutes long and 114 bars. Only changes the size of audio files: 305 mb. each track 2 effects and 2 effects in the master bus. The computer is a Intel I7 3.6 ghz 32gb ram.
  3. Jeremy the reason because i do a bounce individual tracks to individual tracks is: I need to get the project and open it in other computer with cakewalk but this computer don't work with the same plugins and virtual synth, then i have to bounce the tracks to apply effects and buses with effects. The other pearson want to listen the project with control over the inividual tracks but similar to the final mix. Anyway is very useful to export individual tracks in stems to send to another studio to mix or mastering. When i do an export i have the same problem. The time for each tracks is very long.
  4. Hi, thanks to reply, my screen shot show the lenght: 114 measures around 5 minutes. This Screen is not an export, is a bounce to tracks, then some settings are diferents then export tracks. Maybe you can try doing a bounce to tracks,not an export.
  5. Well, today i do some test bouncing tracks, this is the result: 3 tracks without effects, 5 minutes long: 54 seconds each track to bounce in 3 new tracks. Too much slow 3 tracks with some effects like 2 bus reverb 2 effects in master and 2 effects each track the same project. 5 minutes long: 2 minutes 36 seconds each track to bounce in 3 new tracks. it is frustrating. I put here a image with the windows of bounce options when i do it. the option to render in real time is unchecked, it is supposed to do it with the fast option.
  6. 57Gregy, i told about 18 tracks to 18 stereo tracks, the process is very slowly. Tomorrow i'll check more options.
  7. Hi, one question, you bounced this 21 tracks mixing in one stereo track? Because my problem is when i bounce tracks separetely, one track each track. Tomorrow i check what options i'm selecting.
  8. Yes i know i can do a freeze, but is not only bouncing tracks, it work slowly if you want to export tracks like stem to sent o use loading on protools or any pro studio. Also i want to do a bounce of tracks for other reason and freeze tracks is not my best option. A friend try the same exporting individual tracks, he had the same problem.
  9. Hi. when i do a multiple tracks bounce, slecting individual tracks to create each new track for each track selected, for example 10 tracks: 1 violins, 2 violins, violas, cellos,etc. The process is very slow. some like 18 tracks, it taks around 20 minuts. This is a bug? or there is a way to increase the speedy of bounce process?
  10. Thanks a lot, this is a very fast reply. I have some graphics problems too, opening projects with many orquestral libraries don't show the tracks and bars window but i can recall it using workspace menu.
  11. Cakewalk crash when i try to copy and paste from one miditrack to other midi track, it's impossibel to work, i try without plugins or vsti, only working with external midi devices, this occur after update the last version. Only 2 midi tracks it crash. Checking the bug, crash when i use the Crtl+alt+V shortcut, if i dragg the clip to copy don't crash. Ok it crash when i select paste in existing clips when the paste windows appears, if i select new clips don't crash.
  12. Thanks, I know i can bounce to clip if i have many take lanes. But I remember i could select notes in piano roll view, then cakewalk select the star and the end of this select notes. I think i can do it before the last updates. The select tool will be independwnt in Piano roll view.
  13. Hi, Just today I find a problem or a bug, when I select a note in Piano roll, if the clip have a diferent lenght then the note, Cakewalk not select from the start note to the end note, it select the clip lenght Before the last update it work fine. 2 Problem; If i record again in the same midi track now i can see only the 2 clip. Whatts happend? Sorry rhe 2 problem solved
  14. i'm using Warp IV Hollywood Studio in Kontakt Only have the problem with Woodwind Libraries, when i use Brass libraries is ok, i have to check the bass and guitar libraries.
  15. Hi, when i insert some articulations 3 or 4 etc, If I play the project each articulation changes. For example: Legato, short pizzi etc. But when I click the articulation with the mouse to listen the articulation without playing the song, many times only changes to the first articulation, I click the other articulations then don't changes. Example: I insert 4 articulations: Legato, Short, Pizzi and Trills. I play the project, all articluations change, i click with the mouse the first articulation: Legato and changes the sound, then i click other articulation like short, pizzi or trills, the articluation still sounds Legato. I need to play the song to changes again. Any idea?
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