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  1. Imagine that I've got the same instrument recorded on two or more tracks with several mics. Some of the notes are out of time and I would like to adjust them, but I would like to make it so making changes on just one of them will automatically update the rest of tracks. Is it possible? I know I can group takes and select or cut them together at once, but the Audio transient tool seems better for this cause, however it doesn't work this way. EDIT: yes, there is the obvious solution: to select multiple transient on several tracks and move them in paralell. But it may cause problems: if for any reason the original transient markers aren't lined up (ex. I have to manually create them if they aren't recognised), it may break the phase and misalign them.
  2. Why are some devices unselectable in preferences? There are other DAWs on this computer and they are capable of using them all. Also, where can I select the ASIO driver?
  3. Ok, got the scripts working. Now, how do I bind them? EDIT: found it, didn't expect to have the list of scrips in the preferences.
  4. You see, functionality is what saves you that 0,5 sec. If you have to repeatedly do something taking 0,5 sec longer, it just drives you crazy. Yes, I could just shift+drag, but I would need to specifically aim for the octave, which takes much longer than pressing a bind. Same for event inspector. Yes, I could use Process>Transpose>+12, but again it would take longer than pressing a bind. And I have to change it from 12 to -12, if transposing down.
  5. Is it possible to easily shift a selection of notes by an octave with a keybind? Or to create a macro, that will either apply 12 vertical nudges or do Process>Transpose>+/-12 semi?
  6. I want to make a piece in 13/8 time signature (actually: 2/4 + 6/16 + 3/4). Unfortunately the built-in metronome happens to be useless, because all I hear is a stream of fast 8ths with emphasized one, which doesn't correspond musically to the real feel. Is there any way to program the metronome according to the pattern below, or better just create a synth track? If the latter, then a follow-up question: can I configure a track, so it's audible only during recording?
  7. So this is quite the opposite - I need no tweaks, I'm happy with the result of the track and I want to free the resources... Tried routing it to a separate bus or aux track, but they can't be frozen just like that.
  8. If a VST has multiple outputs, you can route instrument groups or even single instruments to separate tracks and apply effects to them separately. In TTS you need to click a rectangle on "EDIT" bar for the desired instrument, then tweak filter and cutoff.
  9. That's a nope – the plugin is a harmonizer effect, which is using a lot of resources. This is why I need to freeze it
  10. As in title - how do I freeze an audio track, which has a MIDI-controlled effect? Freezing it normally causes the effect to ignore the MIDI inputs.
  11. ok, it took me half an hour to understand it has to be THE RIGHT ALT
  12. Hmm, found this issue: on the plug-in list it states that the plugin is "4 in, 2 out", as it probably can also use audio as modulator and now I can see that the plugin appeared on send list. So maybe it's a matter of making it realise I seek for MIDI, not audio modulator.
  13. I don't quite understand. When do I need to press ALT?
  14. Hi! I have a harmonizer VSTi (called 'La Voz Cantante'), which takes audio signal and harmonizes it, based on MIDI input. I know I can do it with the plugin, because I already did it a year ago, but I don't remember HOW I did it (or maybe after a few updates things got changed). It's 32-bit and it doesn't have that panel on top, on which I should activate MIDI inputs. The way I did it previously was I added the effect to the audio track, then created a MIDI track, which's output was router to the plugin itself. Are there any "hidden" ways of making Cakewalk realise it can output MIDI to the plugin?
  15. It's not the driver issue. Will try with crash dump. Discovered something: I succesfully launched a project. Started playback and stopped it. This is the exact moment Cakewalk stalled. A window called "HUDNowTime" appeared. So... it's still a hint, right?
  16. It looks the same no matter if started fresh or not, I'm afraid. After a clean install I can work for, like, several minutes to hours, sometimes also with computer being shut down. The audio driver is universal for the system and all programs, so it's being discovered at system startup and I can get it to work.
  17. Using the task manager was the first thing I have tried (screenshot on top). Closing the process through task manager doesn't help. Restarting the computer too. It's like in middle of work a key element is getting corrupted and no longer allowing Cakewalk to work. I thought there could be any other associated processes, that could require closing them, but - as said - they shoudn't be active after restarting the system. Can't recall installing any programs or devices, I've been using this setup for several months already without problems.
  18. I'm back, the problem keeps reoccuring. There is no clean pattern, but at some point Cakewalk just stalls and is unable to launch again, it usually happens when I stop the playback. Reinstalling does help, but I'm not going to do that every hour or so. Is there a file in a specific directory that may cause this, that's tracking some changes, so if I potentially keep a backup of the file, I could once a while replace it?
  19. Ok, got it running. If anyone needs help in this matter in the future: 1. Uninstall Cakewalk. 2. Remove manually all cakewalk-related folders like C:\Cakewalk Core 3. C:\user\appdata, then search by 'cakewalk' and delete everything. Same in C:\windows\temp and C:\windows\prefetch. I know it sounds scary, but cleaning those folders is harmless for the system.
  20. As stated in title. Been using Cakewalk for a few months and suddenly one day it stopped launching. Tried to reinstall, didn't help. When trying to open the application, the launch screen is popping and a process (visible via task manager) is registered, it eats like 12 kb of RAM and stops. Got a similar result when trying to open a .cwp file instead of application, just no launch screen. Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit.
  21. Ok, I had to activate the trial. Thought that if it can change some pieces of data, it's not trial restricted.
  22. I didn't activate it yet. Does the stock version somehow need to be activated? or turned into the trial mode?
  23. Which settings could potentially disable mass editing?
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