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  1. I have some MIDI files that were not done by be so there are no flaws in them. They used to play perfectly in my previous setup, when I had Sonar 5 with my Ketron SD2 module and windows XP. Now I have win 7 and the latest cakewalk by bandlab and those very same files do not play correctly. What happens is that a certain note or group of notes which are supposed to have a longer duration get cut short. That's what I mean by getting choked off. Many years ago I used to have a module that could only play very few midi notes at the same time. So I thought this might be the problem here but I have a Midi song that only has a sparse drum groove, a bass part and simple chords (4 notes) and yet there are notes that don't sound for the designated duration. I'm at a loss I don't know how to fix this.
  2. Hi, I'm just starting to use Cakewalk. I have some midi songs that used to play on Sonar 5 fine. I'm using a Ketron SD2 as my sound module. But in the new cakewalk some of the midi notes get choked off. I know that midi modules have a limit to how many notes they can play at one time but i have a few songs with just a basic drum beat, organ and bass. And it happens there too. How can I fix this?
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