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  1. they did suck me in.. big time and also pissed me off big time because they don't have yet a clear direction, and the terms change every week or so. So overall, I love the UAD stuff that I got, I paid around 25$ a plugin and gote some really nice stuff, like the API and Neve collections (including summing), so I consider it a good deal. But as a customer I feel left off and screwed, so it's a really strange feeling.
  2. they definitely fooled me I almost cried when I did the math, but since I got an apollo x8 for free (long story :p), and I'm loving Luna with API summing and unison so far, I can't really complain.
  3. Pollux

    Logic Pro 10.8

    the mac pro are different beasts than the macbook pros and mac minis. The Xeon processors and dual graphics cards make them difficult to handle properly for open core. (e.g. hardware acceleration for graphics does not work). So even if technically possible to install Ventura or Sonoma on them, they don't work correctly with Logic
  4. are these only the native versions, or does it include the apollo versions as well? (information in the page is contradictory. I contacted their support to ask, but jiust in case someone already knows the answer...)
  5. I really love the UAD plugins, especially the unison stuff on Apollo. But I really don't like there are no upgrade paths. Also the fact they are adding bundles and offers all the time makes it very difficult to make a decision. In the past month I spent $450 in individual plugins and bundles, which are all included in this bundle, and this one offers even more things. I feel ripped off.
  6. Pollux

    Logic Pro 10.8

    I'm stuck to 10.7 then. My Mac Pro 2013 is unsupported with Ventura or Sonoma. The tests of installing them on the Mac Pro 2013 using OpenCore are not great
  7. Lately I've been using it mostly for decoration
  8. saw this one too late 😭 Pulled the trigger on the essentials edition, and all of its plugins are included in Mix Edition
  9. I'm curious to hear how this one is different from X Saturator
  10. In my case, Cakewalk was the one and only reason I was sticking to Windows. Mostly because I have a Mackie C4 and they work really nicely together (although I am considering selling the Mackie Control/XT/C4 bundle and get a Softube Console 1 combo and an Avid Artist Control, which would require a lot less space). I also tried Reaper, Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Tracktion Waveform, Harrison Mixbus 32c, Cubase, Mixcraft, Samplitude... but none came close to Cakewalk in terms of comfort and workflow (personal taste). I do prefer Digital Performer's way of handling multi track recording, ProTool's way of editing audio (especially for quantizing multi track drums), and Waveform's sleek single window interface, but neither convinced me to do a full switch. This year I decided to switch to Mac, so now my main DAW is Logic Pro X, which also integrates very nicely with the Mackie C4, and I am very happy with it so far. I still have to do something serious in multi track recording and editing (like recording a full drum kit).
  11. I got the Studer 800 for 39$ and the API channel strip for $14 can't really complain ^^
  12. I got Guitar Rig Pro 7, but didn't get Crush Pack and Mod Pack either
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