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  1. Pollux

    Sonible Smart EQ2+

    This is a very good EQ! It analyzes the sound source using general or specific algorithms, and will propose an adapted curve that you can then tweak to taste. Smart Comp and Smart Verb are also very good. They guy from the Snake Oil videos said "it's confusing. It's like the plugin knows exactly what I want to do..." 😂
  2. I already have it. If anyone is interested, I can give my redeem code
  3. Pollux

    LetiMix GainMatch

    with MCompare you can use both.. rendered files and audio signals from other plugin instances, and you can define up to 16 comparison points in the chain. From what I could see MCompare is less practical for quick two points comparison, but very powerful if you want to test before after each plugin in a signal chain. Melda advertises it mostly for mastering or final mixes, probably because it takes some work to set up.
  4. Pollux

    LetiMix GainMatch

    is it different / better / easier than Melda MCompare?
  5. I am unable to get any usable results with MAutoAlign on drumkits. Looks like it's designed for aligning a single source with multiple mics (e.g. a guitar, or eventually in/out/far mics for a kick drum) but not multiple sources with multiple mics (nears, overheads, room). I purchased it blindly and I regret it now. To compare, I gave a try to SoundRadix AutoAlign following their instructions and it worked way better. Did not pull the trigger on it yet...
  6. Hello, would it be OK to post it here (to avoid bombing Cakewalk support with e-mails asking for this)
  7. they are very good. I have them all excepting Bass Flow, which I am waiting for it to be on sale 😇
  8. it goes for the same price at McDSP site. the other channel strips are also on sale (6020 EQ for 29$ and 6050 channelstrip for 49$)
  9. Pollux

    Izotope Sale at JRR

    not available outside the US 🤬
  10. indeed, I purchased them directly from the cambridge audio website 😁
  11. hello all, I recently got a pair of Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch wireless earbuds. I'm in love with them. The sound quality is amazing: tight, precise bass, crisp mids, shiny highs and a level of detail I never heard before with consumer headphones. One can hear the reverbs, and every small details of the sound with great clarity. They are built using graphene drivers: "What is Graphene? Graphene is a two dimensional one atom thick film. Graphene is the basic structural element of other carbon variants (allotropes), including graphite, charcoal, and carbon nanotubes. Advantages of Graphene: Graphene promises lower distortion, Increased bandwidth, Improved transient response, It is more than 200 times stronger than high-strength steel can efficiently conduct heat and electricity. Known to provide good acoustical properties and a host of other potential improvements over the standard materials Even with such promising properties. Still, as with most new materials, a significant amount of research and development is necessary to fully take advantage of graphene’s properties. Graphene Drivers Vs Dynamic Drivers The moving coil drivers or the dynamic drivers, use an electrically charged voice coil to move a cone and create sound waves. The heavier a speaker’s cone, the harder is to drive. As graphene has an incredible strength-to-weight ratio, graphene drivers can cut down on the amount of power that’s required to move the coil back and forth, creating better efficiency, and in theory, better sound. Thus, Earphones with graphene drivers are comparably light weight and more compact. " With the firmware updates the bugs from the launch have been squashed (there was a lot of negative hype because of this). They are also very comfortable (I can even sleep with them), as opposed to the Melomania 1 which I had to send back (even though I loved the sound) because they hurt my ears and couldn't wear them for over 30 minutes. And they cost around half the price (or less) than other high end wireless earbuds 😎 Have fun and stay safe!
  12. I have it and like it very much. You just have to be careful not to over use it. works nicely for me to make room for the kick on the bass track, and to make room for the vocals on heavy guitar tracks.
  13. GAS... which reason can be better than this one?! 😂
  14. Different beasts. The Izotope plugins will cover the tools for mixin: Channelstrips (Neutron and Nectar), Mastering chain (Ozone), Metering (Insight) and other things. So I'd say both are useful Ocean Way Nashville translates the stereo output to a binaural signal to give the sensation of being immersed in a certain space instead of having the L signal on the left ear and the R signal on the right ear. It simulates mixing with speaker monitors, and it applies impulse responses to simulate the Ocean Wave Nashville studio. There is also a "basic" Waves NX version that only does the binaural part. No specific studio emulation. It's very handy to mix with headphones. Plugin alliance has DearVR monitor, and there are a few other binaural plugins around. A nice complement to this is Sonarworks Reference 4 for Headphones, which applies EQ corrections to make headphones have a flat response. As for getting knowleadgeable about mixing and mastering, I really enjoy Michael White's "Mixing with Mike" mixing bootcamp. It's not the tutorial "do this, then that because" kind of thing. He explains the "why" you do this and that, so it takes longer but the results are better.
  15. you don't need the NX tracker to use it, and you can use it without head tracking at all (without the face tracking). You can "move the head" with the mouse if needed, and set it back to 0 for the central position.
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