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  1. They are still selling it for $199, so I think the easiest would be to contact their support
  2. I think they just moved it to their site: https://www.tcelectronic.com/product.html?modelCode=P0DE5
  3. Warble, HG-2 MS or LISA for $6.99 are no brainers 😁
  4. I have MODO Drum 1.0 from TS Max 3.5 (the engine update to 1.5 is free but does not include the new drumkits). If I purchase this one, would I have the content of MODO Drum 1.0 + the 3 new kits, or would it "downgrade" me to 1.5 SE?
  5. I added the money I spent on cheap (and not so cheap) plugins in a bit over a year and I almost had a heart attack. Especially that I barely use most of them...
  6. found this https://groovemonkee.com/blogs/blog/using-midi-in-cakewalk-by-bandlab
  7. Hello, are there any apps / plugins / useful stuff to manage and audition midi drum loops to use them in composing / arranging songs? I have thousands of them, and it's a nightmare to do
  8. NEVER EVER DO THIS. The MCU faders are optical and have a thin thread inside that links the motor to the fader. If you spray it with anything other than air you will likely ruin it (also don't use high pressure canned air as this can damage the thread.. been there, done that 😅). Fader Lube is for analog faders which have an actual resistance and electrical connection
  9. thanks!! really interesting results
  10. Do you have data to support this ? I use DP10 alongside CbB, ProTools and Waveform, and I don't notice any major difference in low latency audio performance
  11. the deals from round 1 are back. unfortunately my May loyalty vouchers expired on May 28 😩 hard pass for me.
  12. This is one of my favorite amp sims!
  13. Pollux

    McDSP May Sale

    I bought the ultimate channel strip during a sale, never really used it. I didn't find any actual difference with Slate's VMR or IK's mixbox. I found these handy when you don't really know what you're looking for, so you can easily move things around and change stuff or load multi FX presets. But most of the time I end up with my usual go-to plugins
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