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  1. Pollux

    Relab sale

    worked for me as well 👍
  2. I think the question is "what do you expect from the compressor?" Do you want something super transparent, highly tweakable, with a certain color / characteristics? Emulation of vintage hardware? Modern approach? I'd say that if you want to invest in a single compressor, you should definitely have a look at Fabfilter Pro-C2. It's expensive, but worth every penny.
  3. I was about to lock my wallet.... D'oh!
  4. Pollux

    SSL LMC+ $29.99

    insta-buy for me. I loved the old LMC-1 plugin. Toms and room mics sound incredible through it. I event went through the hassle of re-registering 🙄😁
  5. Pollux

    Sonible Smart EQ3+

    I had no issues when creating the mixgoups, but I had a display bug where the frequencies were not being showed. I reported it (and also the difference in results). The display issue was fixed in the first patch
  6. I was about to say the same thing 😂 the problem is in the interface between the chair and the keyboard 🙄
  7. Invalid code for me
  8. IIRC +10dB work as prochannel modules
  9. And Buy 2, get 2 free
  10. weird the option shows for some people and not for others 😩 i really shouldn't have either.. but wth 🙄
  11. got it.... just didn't have the option to do a 4x paypal payment
  12. when something is too good to be true.... just insta-buy it before they fix it 😂😂😂
  13. f@ck.... there was a second promo when getting three packs that was stacked on top of the 58% for getting all, and now it's gone 😩 and the 25% coupon code is not stacking either, so now it's over 200 EUR. should have got it yesterday....😭 I'll pass 🤬
  14. so with this promo and my 25% voucher, sienna + vols B,C,D,E and F go for 82 eur. Tempting.... 😈
  15. Pollux

    Harrison AVA LegacyQ

    this is a great EQ! for less than $19 it's a no brainer
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