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  1. I used to have the same problem with an old m-audio, I passed it on to a mac user who has since had no problems with it. The deal is simple. The drivers need to be reinstalled and run in as if in win vista or 7. The problems you are complaining of go back to a memory leak issue that windows 10 began with, that wasn't present in older versions. Win8 also has the issue. It's a memory locking that occurs to prevent datatheft. Install the asio for your devices and the asio link in win7 mode, then make sure the apps only run in win7 mode. They will still link with all win 10 apps, but they will use the older memory access modules that do not contain the watchdog. I have had dropouts with new equipment as well, while using the link. It was built for older memory access, and uses methods that today are often used by viruses to steal data and encrypt your system on the fly. Install it in win 7 mode, then find any EXE's and set their compatibility to win 7 and run as admin. Go to your antivirus and make sure you add the same exe's to the whitelisting, capable of accessing everything. I had to do the same for some adobe software titles before they would function properly.
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