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  1. Hi all, I solved this. All individual clips are to be bounced to a clip. This is fine, but I have used the midi sequencer which has a limit of only 64 bars and can therefore no longer edit the sequence. Pity.
  2. Hi, I am new to Cakewalk, so I'm not sure if there is an obvious answer to this. The Arranger is proving to be a great tool to help build and arrange songs. I too am having the issue where there are not smooth transitions between Sections before I 'commit arrangement to project' but I am not worried about this. The problem I have is that when I do 'commit to project' all clips jam up at the start of the tracks and all but the first Section remains. I.e. my song goes from over 5 mins to 22 seconds. The same thing happens when I select the Section in timeline view and try to move the Section and all the clips it contains. Please help!
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