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  1. I posted a link to my song on soundcloud in another post and this is a post of the same song but I just posted the visualizer on YouTube if anyone wants to see it:
  2. ceakay

    My New Song

    This is a new electronic song I made. I hope you like it: https://soundcloud.com/user-620104591/up-away/comment-1442699365
  3. ceakay

    Hyperpop song in CbB

    To be honest, I never use the matrix view. I do see how you see it can be helpful for a genre like this. Maybe I should start using it more.
  4. ceakay

    Hyperpop song in CbB

    Thanks for the tips!!
  5. This is a hyperpop song I made in cakewalk. I don't really like hyperpop but it was fun to make this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haVAQJNDAV4
  6. ceakay

    My New Song

    Thank you!! I got lucky with the speed of my melody making and everything else on this track. I usually don't work this fast 😂
  7. ceakay

    My New Song

    got it 👍
  8. ceakay

    My New Song

    Thank you! I appreciate the nice feedback.
  9. ceakay

    My New Song

    Here's a song that I made. It's an electronic song that took me about a combined total of 3 hours. I would appreciate any tips on my music production skills https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_V11_qX2RYc
  10. Thanks for the feedback! I know 9 secs isn't a lot, I just hardly did any work on it so far 😂. I'll be sure to link the final song whenever I finish.
  11. Hi, I would appreciate it if someone gave a tip on this beat I made for a song that I am going to make. It's just a quick 9 second snippet of the beat. I attached an audio file. Edit: I forgot to mention that it is a snippet of the beat for the chorus where the singer sings (no vocals on this yet, though). beat snippet.wav
  12. Nevermind, I solved it. There is a preset called MIDI Fun where you can assign MIDI. Thank you Scook for helping me set it up!
  13. I got that part to work but now the autotune is just automatically snapping notes still and not doing the notes I assigned it to. I did all of the steps, is there something specific I have to do with this plugin?
  14. I just tried with gsnap and it wont pop up(I don't think it supports midi input, unless I did something wrong). Is there a good free autotune that allows me to use midi input? EDIT: It finally popped up, but it seems like the autotune is still doing it automatically and not locking onto the notes that I assigned it to using the midi
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