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  1. It says that you can do things like that, but I'm not sure if it said how to (I probably didn't catch it).
  2. I was wondering how to automate knobs of plugins. For example, an EQ, reverb, distortion, etc.
  3. Thanks, that is really useful and makes things much quicker.
  4. I was wondering how to change the smart tool settings. Specifically for the piano roll. I know that the pen tool thing can one click notes to place, but can I make it where the smart tool is just one click to place notes?
  5. Thanks! I will try both of these. Edit: I'm pretty sure it's a plugin issue. Every time I ran Iota Mini, the program crashes. Thanks for the help!
  6. Does anybody have any idea on how to fix crashing when I click on my Cakewalk Project? Every time I click a project, the whole program just closes. But, some projects do open successfully, while others don't. If someone knows a fix, then that would be great because I have a song that I was working on and it won't let me open it.
  7. I use a sampler called Komplete Kontrol.
  8. I was wondering if Bandlab can add a built-in sample into Cakewalk. I know you can use a sampler plugin (like ADSR Sample Manager, or Komplete Kontrol), but it gets very time consuming to put the plugin onto the track, then open the plugin, then drag the sample onto the sampler. If Bandlab does add a feature like this, I was thinking of a drag and drop type thing where you can drag a sample into the track pane and it will automatically become editable in the piano roll. Also, if you drag it into the clips pane, it will just create a new track with that specific audio clip. That's just my idea that I thought would be really useful.
  9. I really like this theme! I love how this theme has no gradients on the buttons on the control bar and that it is mostly one solid color. Will you ever consider making a light grey version of this theme? Kind of like Ableton's light theme. That would be really cool!
  10. Okay, Thank you for trying! It is not that big of an issue, I was just playing around with different workspaces.
  11. I have tried to save it and re-save it, but it still won't load when reopening it. Is there any other method to make it work?
  12. I found out how, but when I reload cakewalk and click the workspace, nothing changes. How do I fix that?
  13. I was trying t o create a new workspace, and I couldn't drag the one window with all the plugins to the left side of the screen (it wasn't letting me dock it to the left side of the screen). Does anyone know how to fix this or are some windows not able to go into certain places?
  14. Never mind, I found out how. I just Ctrl click a plugin to another track, and it will stay the same.
  15. That title may seem confusing, but I'm asking if I can copy and paste reverb (as an example) and paste it on to another track and have the same things set (for example, when I bring it to the new track, it has the same dryness or wetness level).
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