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  1. I was wondering if there is a way to make the sound on sound option in the preferences load automatically when a new project is created. It can be very tedious to open preferences and keep checking the sound on sound box. It would be great to know a solution. Thank you!
  2. Thanks for the recommendations, but I have all those themes already, But to be honest, I have been using the default theme (tungsten) over all the light themes I have, and dark themes.
  3. I know in the preferences you can make a metronome play on playback, recording, or both. But is there an easier way to change this without going to the preferences? I know by clicking the metronome it takes you to the metronome settings in the preferences, but that can get annoying. EDIT: I found it out. I just had to click these to buttons to the left:
  4. Caleb Kim


    It's fine (as in I didn't take anything personal. I just realized I made it sound like I was saying it was fine to adding a melody on top). I thank you for your criticism. It made me realize how repetitive my beats can be.
  5. Caleb Kim


    Yeah, I agree too. I am struggling to add a variety of melodies that make the song less repetitive. I just learned scales,though(im learning the piano) and its been helping me make melodies in my song have a similar feel, but still different to make it less repetitive.
  6. Caleb Kim


    Thanks, I really appreciate that. I am still new to music prod so im still learning
  7. Caleb Kim


    Yeah, most of these are just the same melodies throughout. They were just quick beats I made, but thanks for all of your feedback.
  8. Caleb Kim


    This song was all made in Cakewalk. Enjoy https://soundcloud.com/user-620104591/tomorrow
  9. By setting it to WASAPI Shared and making my input to RealTek Stereo Microphone Array fixed my recording problem. But because of WASAPI I am getting crazy delay in playback (I would start the song and like 10 secs after it would play). Is there a fix?
  10. Thanks for all the feedback. I guess I will experiment with my audio drivers and see what happens.
  11. I will consider buying an audio interface. But the thing is that Cakewalk was recording perfectly fine before. Shouldn't their be another solution before I pay for an audio interface?
  12. I have not considered purchasing an audio interface. But when I reopened Cakewalk and created the track, it no longer said the "not connected" next to the ASIO4ALL box. But the recording still isn't working.
  13. When I was working on a song, I wanted to record audio. My microphone was working fine, but when I opened Cakewalk a little while later, nothing was happening. No audio was being recorded. However, when I was trying to fix it, I heard that there was slight noise. I tested to see what was happening so I banged my desk really loud and I saw the line move up, but just very little. But, when I played it back, there was no sound, and the audio clip that I record was just a straight line. I also have ASIO set in my settings, if that information helps. I also notice this when I was adding a track. If someone can help that would be great cause this is driving me crazy.
  14. That makes sense. A lot of themes I have seen always have the same color for the background of the media browser.
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