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  1. If there's one thing I've learned over the last two years about pricing it is this: -- it's tricky... Too high? Too low? Too good to be true? Too silly? -- yep I've been accused of (and at times been) all of these... So now its time for you to decide. This years summer sale is a "Name Your Own Price" sale. Every one of the 15 Kontakt instruments on Channel Robot is now set up so you can name whatever price you want to pay, there's a minimum of $5.00 (to try and cover some of the costs of running this) and a maximum equal to the retail price, but you can have anything in between. have at it, and good luck. Please note, our VST/AU plug-ins are not included in this sale (yet). https://channelrobot.com/product-category/kontaktproducts/
  2. Down load 4 is up: DubStep & Electric Elements
  3. Thanks for pointing this out - we've changed the background/font combo so its easier to see...
  4. You dont have to sign up to get to the covid-19 downloads - you can sign up for the other stuff but the C19 stuff is "just" free...
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