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  1. Update here. I did the Win10 updates followed by what I hope was the proper 'exceptions as well, reboots along the way. I chose 'Performance Exclusions' in our ESET NOD32 antivirus here as it looked like the best of the two choices. As it didn't work (help) I logged the question to their help desk. They indicated a reply Monday. That would be nice. :>) Almost forgot, Robert does "C:\Users\rober\AppData\Roaming\Cakewalk\*" indicate your BandLab Assistant files? The Assistant doesn't seem to fault here but I included it's file folders as well. Thanks again
  2. Thank you very much Robert. I now have some steps to try instead of the 'delete / uninstall I was headed for :>)
  3. The step three on the 'How to Authorize page... "Click Install. Follow the prompts to include any Add-Ons, then click OK to continue. When the install is complete, you will have a desktop icon for Cakewalk by BandLab, and the Install button will now read Open." That would be the Cake section on the 'assistant, and yes it does read 'open. I went through the process again wondering if I had done something out of sequence to cause the problem.
  4. A short time ago I went through the setup/install processes -hopefully following the steps correctly. I had Cake open, everything seemed normal, made some initial changes and saved a few times as a project as I went. Since then on launch all it will do is a second or so of the opening banner. Not sure where in the trouble shooting it happened (or began), the Cake desktop shortcut went away if that means anything. Tonight I went through the install process and the 'How to Authorize steps but with no change. Wondering should I perhaps uninstall and start fresh?
  5. Some interesting responses here. ('Get a new system et all... As I began to suspect and since verify -dotted lines around plugs are a normal feature- First one in the bin, or last selected. Guess I'm not the only one never noticed :>)
  6. I've been troubleshooting -a UAD problem actually, that may turn out to be a one time issue and has since stopped happening ('some plugs disabled' error 27' on a bounce to track mixdown. (Sonar 8.5 BTW Along the way I noticed most of the plugs in the FX bins -primarily the UAD EQs -but others as well, have dotted lines around them. I first took that to indicate 'disabled plugs. But now it looks this not the case. I'd like to confirm, as silly as this is, frankly maybe I just never paid attention and noticed it? But opening this -and other projects now for example, the first plugs in the tracks all having dotted boarders normal? Thanks Wayne
  7. An old Cake/Sonar guy here, just checking in. Looks good, and just wanted to say glad to be here. :>)
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