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  1. Been asked for page 60 and the second word of the big headline and it worked (That was for the content of the magazine). Then i visited the site serialcenter.de and they asked for the third word on page 82. Worked too (Serial sended for Waves Element 2) I'm from Germany and used the english free PDF
  2. Only $19.29 at pluginboutique (never seen this bundle so low in price!) It's worth for their piano flagship "Eighty Eight Ensemble" alone imo. https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/1856-Film-Score-Companion Content: Orchestral Companion - Strings Orchestral Companion - Brass Orchestral Companion - Woodwinds Eighty Eight Ensemble Big Bang Cinematic Percussion
  3. mladi 72

    Beatskillz updates

    Much hassle for the customer. I don't like that. Imagine every update of every purchase you had to contact the developer with screenshot. Seriously?
  4. You are right it was stupid from me to write that. It's a question of taste.
  5. Don't let the childish poor GUI on the plugins fool you. Excellent stuff!
  6. This code only work once. The EQ ist top notch btw. Worth the $39.99 & still a bargain.
  7. mladi 72

    Audiaire Zenith

    Excellent stuff! Worth every penny and more..
  8. This is the one which was free last year for every ST4 user. Check if you already have it.. :-)
  9. Lucky me: I forgot the basket @ PA with a voucher and a plugin already reduced to $49.99 a few days ago. Now i reedem the $25 code as well and it work! Despite the mail it accepted both vouchers. Don't know if it work if you put something fresh in the basket btw.
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