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  1. Nice Panu! I'm about to do something similar. What did you use for a motherboard? Have been going back and forth between a few.
  2. https://www.karoryfer.com/karoryfer-samples/wydawnictwa/swirly-drums
  3. I am amazed by the diversity of sound from both chromaphone and string studio. Chromaphone pretends to be (just) a percussion synth (which it does wonderfully) but the synth sounds that can be coaxed from it (by someone with some skill) are amazing. I love some of the basses, in particular, in this set. My own meager skills at developing new sounds are sad next to the skill of some of these sound designers. (...and thanks)
  4. Chandler- happy to see you've made the migration over here from the old forum. Great video as always. Thanks for posting.
  5. I bought this from JRR Shop as soon as I saw this but shortly afterwards the great folks at AAS sent me an email giving it to me for free because I couldn't take advantage of their free Christmas/holiday download (I own all their plugs and soundsets). So I have an unredeemed license at JRR that I will give away free to the first person I hear from. If interested PM me your email address and your forum user name and I'll send you the link. This is a really good sound set by the way.
  6. You have to specifically enable Midi input for it to work. Having Finger installed as an effect on the audio track is the right approach though. Honestly I haven't opened Cakewalk since the Sonar Platinum days so I can't be certain the following looks exactly the same in CbB. But the following should get you on the right track (Go down to the "To Enable VST Midi Inputs...." section). https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR&language=3&help=Mixing.40.html
  7. As is Scook. (Long may HE live)
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