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  1. Hey thanks for the reply. This issue cannot be replicated easily without the other high latency plugins (RX9 and Noise removal plugins) on the other tracks, I believe this is causing some issues in Cakewalk to show up. The music track is going straight to the "Voice and Music" bus, which essentially is my supposed Master bus, but with only a limiter on it with 0 additional gain added. There is no FX added on the Master bus itself. The resultant waveform should look exactly like how the visual clip gain is showing in the track. You can see me bouncing to track using different methods (region select, ctrl + a, with FX and no FX) which results in different outcomes. Note that there is no audio in the video. Here's my hypothesis of what is happening: I've noticed that at times when using high latency plugins, the audio spectrum that visualizes what it is processing, does not match up to the audio that is currently playing back at that point in time. It is usually some time farther ahead. As a result of the above, it could be that the very initial part of the clip gain automation has been ignored, and it only reads the clip gain changes that happens later in time, hence not registering the initial higher gain automation. Just not sure why using the different methods of selection will result in differing outcomes on export.
  2. So the issue is that my clip gain automation/envelope is not being followed after exporting the track by using Ctrl + A to select all and then going into the export window to export the tracks. However, if I were to do a Ctrl + A and additionally re-highlighting all the tracks again by left clicking the track numbers for all the tracks, and then reslecting the time region on the top of the track window, the export will turn out fine. The video below shows this issue:
  3. Had another PC with this issue, renamed to Cakewalk1.exe and it worked, renamed it back and back to having the activation error.
  4. Have been using Cakewalk since forever and always either installing the EA versions through the forums or updating directly through Cakewalk when it prompts me about a new update. In this case I did not do anything to Cakewalk before getting this error message, however I have been messing around with trying to setup a postgresSQL server on my NAS/PC before hitting this error. Not sure if that had anything to do with this error. EDIT: I thought I had posted an update, but I managed to resolve this issue by using a third party uninstaller (Revo uninstaller) to uninstall cakewalk in entirety by clearing registry files and residual files before doing a clean install. That actually worked but of course it wiped out all my Cakewalk settings and VST plugin data.
  5. Have contacted them and done everything mentioned in the list of stuff to try and it still doesn't activate for me. Edit: posting here to see if anyone can provide some advice because I urgently need to get it up and running for a session tomorrow, its a bit ridiculous that this comes up all of a sudden. I've literally tried uninstalling everything for that I've installed on my PC for the past few days but still no to avail. Last resort I'll have to use another DAW entirely just because of this activation thing.
  6. Am getting a Cakewalk Activation error out of the blue despite refreshing and logging into Bandlab. Have also tried reinstalling Cakewalk to no avail and am on the latest version. Appreciate the help! *EDIT: SOLVED* I managed to resolve this issue by using a third party uninstaller (Revo uninstaller) to uninstall Cakewalk in entirety by clearing registry files and residual files before doing a clean install. That actually worked but of course it wiped out all my Cakewalk settings and VST plugin data. Do it at your own risk. *EDIT2*: Workaround without needing to uninstall
  7. Its definitely a bug of sorts, my suspicion is due to the high latency plugins like the Izotope RX9 and De-Room Pro causing some issues. Once I bypass all the FX in the project, the problem goes away. So I'm not sure if you'd be able to reproduce the issue without the active plugin chain, should I still try to share the project? After trying a few different methods, even real-time bounce has issues. How I got around it temporarily is to only leave a single track plugin chain active and bypassing everything else, then freezing that track (repeat for every single track).
  8. Basically my clip gain adjustments are being ignored when I do a mixdown of my buses, the video below demonstrates this issue. This happens also when I do a Control + A to select everything and exporting the audio (buses). The clip gain does work if I were to do a real time bounce or if I were to do an "Entire Mix" bounce, but there's no way I'm going to do a real time bounce each time for hour long podcast edits...
  9. As the title suggest, found out that the volume automation in one of my tracks is causing Cakewalk to be extremely laggy and sluggish. After deleting the automation, it goes back to all being smooth. No plugins are enabled and there are only 3-4 audio tracks with no VSTis at all. The context is that I was editing a podcast using the ripple edit, which ended up making a bunch of nodes in a volume automation of another track. Somehow the project got more and more laggy as i continued to ripple edit more stuff down the timeline. The video below shows this behaviour: At the start, cakewalk is extremely unresponsive as i tried to move the playhead around and to zoom in. As soon as I delete the automation, its all smooth again. And when I brought it back using ctrl+z, the lag returns. Some kind of weird memory leak thing?
  10. There's definitely a better way than what you're doing. I've made a video specifically for you here: I've also got another video on the channel talking about editing multi-tracked drums in Cakewalk in a more efficient manner (its rather old now but I guess it may be still relevant for you):
  11. this solved the issue for me too! never knew this existed...
  12. Thanks for the clarification. Either way my issue clearly shows that the inspector is also not showing the track that is in focus.
  13. Thanks for the tip but it won't exactly work for me as I do have an entire album worth of songs in a single project file. So I wanna use task recall to export each song in the same project as its own audio file.
  14. I've noticed this issue with task recall, not sure if this is expected behavior: So basically I've got a task setup to export a certain time selection for the entire mix. However, if i make some new cuts on a clip, those clips with the new cuts wont have any sound. See my video below which shows this behavior. If this is the expected behavior, then it kind of doesn't make sense that everytime I make a new cut I have to recreate a new task to include the new clips. Is there a way to create a task recall that always renders out everything in that time selection?
  15. SOLVED: As the title describes, my inspector is not following my track selection in the track view or console view. See video below: It only happens in this project file, I've tried deleting all the tracks and buses and inspector is still not following the track selection. I have tried opening this project in safe mode with no plugins loaded and it works fine. Am I missing out on a setting that disables the inspector following track selection or something?
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