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  1. Hi , massive system crash so new PC bought. All up and running my big issue is Command Centre no longer recognises my log in details and the password reset email never arrives. Spam folder checked too. So how the hell can I retrieve my plugins, or is it loads of money waisted. Gibson wankers have a lot to answer for, they buy a good company and screw it up same as their overpriced guitars. Anyway had my moan any helpers please?
  2. Well I have the 7 day trial and wont be buying. Had nothing but trouble with Ample Guitar III. Making my whole workflow very clonky and unstable and when I attempt to use the effects, both mouse and keyboard do nothing have to false PC shutdown, not good. Nobody seems to have an answer Which is a shame as really sounds good. Have now uninstalled and cakewalk working perfectly.. Cant be trusted.
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